Email Marketing

BOOst Conversions With Creative Email Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the pillars of any digital marketing campaign. Although many other communication platforms have entered the marketing conversation, emails are the primary way that businesses communicate with customers to this day. One of the principal advantages…

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christmas decorations and gifts on wooden background

Email Marketing Tips to Boost Holiday Sales

Incorporating an email marketing strategy during the holiday season is an excellent way to boost holiday sales. Throughout all of the digital channels, email continues to thrive and generate the highest return on investment (ROI). However, during the holiday season,…

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SFIMA recap Any Crestodina

Recap: SFIMA with Andy Crestodina

Other than being an eloquent speaker and marketing guru, Andy Crestodina is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media. This month, our digital marketing specialists at Tandem Interactive listened in on Andy’s insights for repurposing your day-to-day communications…

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