Tips to Improve Email Marketing Conversions for Small Businesses

Digital marketing for small businesses doesn’t have to break the bank; here are few effective tips to improve email marketing conversions./i>

Research has shown that email marketing allows you to reach a highly targeted audience at a low cost.  This makes for an affordable option for any business, but especially, digital marketing for small businesses. Here are a few effective email marketing conversion tips you can start implicating into your campaigns today.

Descriptive Image Alt Tags –

It is apparent that as human beings, we are visual people and we know that images cause us to engage with written content at a higher rate. On average, a person receives more than 400 commercial emails a month. Therefore, effective images in emails can help small businesses stand out in the sea of mail in a crowded inbox. Unfortunately, this is only half the battle. At least half of all emails are checked on mobile devices. Recipients to your email marketing campaign may be viewing your message with images being blocked. This one problem makes it that more important to include descriptive alt tags to your images. This way, if the recipient is unable to see the visual in your email, they can still receive the message you are sending.

Always Send Targeted Messages –

You can gain a lot of valuable information to improve your email marketing conversions from campaign to campaign. When diving deeper into your recipients’ preferences, you have the ability to track and understand the optimal times to send messages, which will increase click-through rates with each campaign. Tracking these specific analytics improve digital marketing for small businesses.

Simplify the process –

Once you have collected recipients’ preferences, you should gear your email marketing to cater to them. Present your emails with a clear message, call to action, and a seamless checkout experience. When the customer has to take addition steps in the checkout progress, you are at a higher bounce rate. Be direct in every aspect, from the initial email read to the final action desired from the email.

Email marketing is an affordable way to communicate and create lasting relationships with prospects and customers. It is an overall strategy to convert your message recipients into buyers and get your brand out in front of customers without breaking the bank. If  you need help with digital marketing for small businesses, enlist the professional help from a digital marketing agency like Tandem Buzz.