Increasing your Email Newsletter Subscriptions Like a Pro!

Increase Your Newsletter Subscriptions Now

Tips to increase the amount efficiency of your email subscriptions. There is no email marketing without a mailing list and Tandem Buzz can help.

Have you ever gone to a website where they ask you to sign up for a newsletter or email promotion, but there’s no incentive? You probably just do like the rest of us and exit out of that website, and immediately find another that does not require your email to deliver what you want – right? So, how can you increase your newsletter subscriptions? OFFER INCENTIVE!


If someone commits to allowing you to basically spam their inbox and send them all of your promotions, they should be rewarded – and they want to be!


The number one way to increase newsletter subscriptions is to offer an incentive to sign up!


Top-performing newsletter subscriptions are ones that offer vouchers like $10 off a $75 purchase, or a percentage discount like 20% off your first order.


For new brands and sites that sell apparel that is not well-known, or for an energy drink or supplement companies, offer a free t-shirt.


Educational sites where consumers are coming in to acquire additional knowledge offer a free eBook version of one of your high-demand pieces. You can also offer something relevant to your audience when asking them to sign their life away with your newsletter subscription.


Own a vacation website, travel site, or cruise line? Offer the chance to enter into a raffle to “Win a Trip!”




Tell them exactly what they will get when they sign up for your brand’s newsletter subscription. Let them know what they can expect to get out of it, and they will be more inclined to sign up. The more perks and benefits there are opposed to NOT signing up will entice them to do so.


As a business and a brand, you should 100% know your top-performing products and show them as visuals when offering incentives for people to sign up for your newsletter.


Online marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale, Florida recommend that you also position your newsletter signup form based on visitor behavior. Pop-up signups are typical for retail sites, but if your newsletter and brand are more informational, your consumer is going to test it out on your site first since they don’t know what to expect.


  • Once they see that you are reputable and serve their purpose, position your newsletter signup prompt lower in the layout hierarchy.
  • Place more important calls to action higher on the page, such as Recommended Articles.


Creating segments is another way to allow your readers to choose what they would like to receive information on.


  • If they read an article, prompt them to sign up to receive more pieces on the subject.
  • During the newsletter signup process, allow them to select certain categories they would like to receive email notifications on, etc.


Bragging Rights. Show your users how popular your newsletter is and specify the number of people who have signed up so far. Something along the lines of “Join over 100,000 Marketing Professionals,” or share the amount that people have saved, like “Subscribers have saved $1,000,000 in discounts.”


It’s all about the DETAILS. Using bright details, graphics, and animations are attention-grabbing and they have a psychological effect on your consumers to sign up. By giving them an experience, they will be more likely to want to see more.


No Form Required. Top online marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale say that by NOT making your consumer have to fill out a form or type in their email address, you can save them time and headache. Let’s face it – consumers are pretty lazy these days. Upworthy adopted a newsletter signup concept that used to be popular in the 90s, where a simple click on “one-click subscription” opens their email app and has an email already generated, and prompts consumers to simply hit “send” and be done! Bada-bing, bada-boom!


Now, you should never have to ask “how can I increase my newsletter subscriptions?” ever again 🙂