Recap: SFIMA with Andy Crestodina

Other than being an eloquent speaker and marketing guru, Andy Crestodina is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media. This month, our digital marketing specialists at Tandem Interactive listened in on Andy’s insights for repurposing your day-to-day communications and old content into new, higher-ranking articles. Here’s what we’ve gathered while attending the November 2018’s SFIMA event.

Turn Emails into Killer Content

How many times a month do you answer questions dealing with your services or expertise through email? As digital marketing specialists, we’ll guess often. A great way to use this to your advantage is to save these questions and answers within a subfolder in your mail account. Once you’ve collected a decent amount of emails pertaining tips, advice, and data, you can then cut them up and categorize them. Look for things to repurpose and then turn them into content. Imagine how many blog posts you can create!

Collaborative Content Marketing

The next step you can take in repurposing emails into content, probably the most important, is to provide testimonials and collaborate with influencers within your posts. This is what Andy likes to call zero waste marketing. This can also be achieved by sending your blog links as answers to questions, or as a social tool. Not only can this method drive more traffic to your website when publishing the content, but it also adds instant credibility to your brand.

“An ally in creation is an ally in promotional.”

Repurposing Old Content

If you’re still looking for ways to increase traffic and rankings on your website or blog posts, our SEO specialists suggest implementing a content audit. Analyze where your posts are ranking, as well as the amount of daily traffic you receive. If these numbers, rankings, and analytics aren’t to your liking, update those existing posts by rewriting the majority of the content with something fresh. A happy medium would be anywhere from brand new content being about 80% of the piece, with 20% original content still included in the post.