Public Relations

Public Relations

Digital Marketing Agencies & Public Relations Go Hand-In-Hand

Gone are the days where the company founder or CEO stood up in front of a crowd and gave an unplanned speech or had an impromptu meeting that the media showed up for and covered to give the brand some awareness and coverage. Today’s public relations are now fully integrated into the company’s image at all times, across all platforms, and through numerous outlets that can be difficult to manage without an experienced digital marketing agency.


How Social Media Plays a Role in Public Relations

Social media has given a platform for consumers to use to voice their concerns and opinions on brands that they have dealt with. Technology has forever changed the ball game when it comes to doing business, getting coverage, and making sure that coverage is great so that your brand is not tainted. Second chances are few and far between in a world where bad publicity spreads fast, managing your brand reputation through press releases, social media, and other outlets is essential.

Brands and even individual people were once subject to someone else’s depiction of them on major media outlets such as newspapers, radio, and television, often without having a say in the matter. As social media has become more prevalent, however, brands have more control over their story and image as well as their engagement with consumers at a moment’s notice. Working with a social media management team can be an essential part of your public relations strategy.

Utilizing SEO Tactics to Send the Right Message

While your company may be an authority in that niche, you have to have a way with words in order to write content for your brand that reaches the right audience and helps your company stand apart from competitors. You want to ensure your company is communicating its message clearly; understanding the importance of keywords and phrases, an essential element of SEO, can help your company maintain its reputation as a trustworthy source in the community.

Why You Should Pair
Digital Marketing and
Public Relations

Pairing digital marketing and public relations is the best method to increase brand loyalty. By humanizing your business, you have access to new, current, and even old customers.

Whether you are a mom-and-pop business or a nationwide franchise, our PR agency in Fort Lauderdale stresses the importance of ensuring that your company’s message and presence is well placed and maintained. Public relations have always been about building a relationship between your company and the customer, and in the digital age, relationships between customers and companies form faster than ever before and can be destroyed faster than ever before. Keeping your public relations in check is the key to maintaining a great business model and brand reputation.

Tandem offers the following Public Relations marketing services:

Press release creation
Press release distribution
Additional blogging coverage for company events
Content creation surrounding brand news mentions

For more information on how our digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale can help your brand with your PR strategy, contact us at (954) 519-4114.

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