SEO Mergers and Acquisitions

SEO Mergers and Acquisitions

Businesses undergoing a merger or acquisition need to perform an evaluation to understand the value that SEO and digital marketing bring to them. Click here to learn more.

Digital Marketing Performance Evaluations

Mergers and acquisitions typically revolve around the core aspects of a business’s operations and assets. Their website and online marketing efforts typically never enjoy the same spotlight. There is no surprise that a business’s digital presence in the modern age is one of the most critical aspects of its revenue stream, where many purchases are made, and much research is conducted online. Companies looking to merge with each other or even acquire one entirely need to be aware of how their new venture’s digital marketing presence will translate into new revenue. Some websites may have such a strong presence that this in of itself will translate to a profitable area of their business. While search engine optimization and digital marketing may not be your strong suit, Tandem’s experts can help your business understand what advantages a robust website can bring. Below, we go into further detail on the role that a proper SEO evaluation can play in your merger and acquisition strategies.

How to Evaluate SEO Performance

Search engine optimization (SEO) is part of the deeply connected fabric of the internet. Any marketing tactic aims to generate brand awareness, resulting in higher revenue for businesses. Our Fort Lauderdale SEO company has all the tools necessary to evaluate how much revenue and traffic it generates through tools that Google and Bing offer, thanks to the tools we have access to. 

Performance evaluations should concentrate on the quantifiable aspects that digital marketing strategies provide to businesses, like page visits and conversions generated through organic traffic. Tandem’s digital marketing performance evaluation services allow you to understand what your newly acquired business’s website generates. 

Why You Should Care About a Digital Marketing Performance Evaluation

The business world has advanced so that websites are becoming an integral part of a business’s portfolio of assets because they are a window that potential customers use to peer into the companies to determine their value and consume their content. A digital marketing performance evaluation lets businesses undergoing a merger or acquisition understand what kind of value a website brings to businesses. Further, websites are where businesses upload marketing material tailored to their audiences, giving them more room to design content that acts as persuasive material that builds their credibility and leads to conversions. 

Lastly, more customers than ever are transitioning from conducting product research and purchasing the traditional way in favor of more convenient ways to do it online. As this trend continues, it is crucial to ensure that your customers know of the website when they conduct their searches for products. One of SEO revenue generation pillars is ensuring that your website is visible on search engine results pages. When you consider that the modern customer’s attention span is shorter than ever, the importance of a highly placed website within eyeshot gains more relevance. 

How Does Tandem Prove the SEO Value of a Business?

There are many ways to prove the SEO value of a business. No matter the kind of business that uses search engine optimization or digital marketing, they need concrete numbers and data to support the fact that their strategies yield results. The most popular ways to measure the value of search engine optimization for businesses are measuring ROI, comparing it to paid digital marketing strategies, and conducting competitive analysis.

ROI Model

The ROI (return on investment) model is a traditional way for marketers to prove how visibility, traffic, and revenue have increased over time compared to their initial investment. The best way to perform this kind of analysis in the context of a search engine optimization evaluation is to compare the click-through rate and conversions associated with each keyword that the business in question is targeting in its strategy. Many keywords are directly associated with a high possibility of a conversion, which is especially true for those that end in “for sale” or “deals.” It is easier to calculate conversions and revenue generated from those keywords that are more likely to result in conversions. Tandem has access to several different programs and applications that give us insight into the number of customers funneled into a website. 

Comparing SEO to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Strategies 

An excellent way to measure the value of a search engine optimization strategy is to compare its results to that of its paid counterpart – pay-per-click or PPC marketing. The same keywords that result in high organic revenue and traffic also have a cost on a search engine’s paid advertising platform. Sometimes, these keywords are competitive, which results in an ensuing increase in price thanks to the increased demand they experience. 

Businesses need to research these keywords to get valuable data like their price and their volume, which is how often they are searched for on search engines, to successfully use the data that corresponds to paid marketing strategies to evaluate SEO performance. Then, we would compare how the business that is being evaluated performs for these keywords in their organic strategy. If a company ranks for highly competitive keywords in an organic digital marketing strategy, this means that they have accrued such authority in the eyes of search engines that they rank for them without having to use paid exposure. Essentially, a business would get the exposure that businesses are vying for without having to pay for an advertising strategy. Also, many consumers emphasize organic listings because they are seen as more credible. 

Conducting Competitive Analysis

Keeping an eye on what close competitors are doing is one of the most essential tools in Tandem’s arsenal. When a competitor is enjoying greater success than a business on search engine results pages, it gives them a look into their potential if they were to have a digital marketing campaign as successful as theirs. Similar to when we use tools to determine the ROI of an organic strategy, Tandem has access to tools that give insight into the success of close competitors’ digital marketing strategies. Here, we can see what words they are ranking for and how much traffic they have generated through search engines. We can then perform a similar valuation to determine how much revenue a business has the potential to create following tried and true marketing strategies. 

More About Tandem

Tandem is a Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency that specializes in providing clients in various industries with comprehensive solutions and an even deeper understanding of SEO marketing profits and SEO ROI. Contact our Fort Lauderdale SEO company today to learn more about our SEO and digital marketing performance evaluation strategies.

Tandem SEO services include,
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Full website optimization, including
meta descriptions, header tags,
title tags, and alt tags
Keyword research and strategies
Content strategy and creation
Link Acquisition in a portfolio-style
Reputation management services
Press release development and

Why SEO Services Matter?

A physical store needs advertising, word of mouth recommendations, and a good location. Your website needs all the same elements, but in digital form. SEO services are essential for all businesses to survive and thrive in the online world of clicks, pop ups, and information overload.

Developing an online presence without SEO is like building your business out in the middle of the desert before the road has been built. At Tandem, our SEO services in Florida are about growth, direction, and making sure that your online presence is reaching the right people, with the right information.

If you want more information about the custom-tailored SEO packages and innovative digital marketing services we offer at Tandem, contact us or call (954) 519-4114 today.


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