Email Marketing Tips to Boost Holiday Sales

Incorporating an email marketing strategy during the holiday season is an excellent way to boost holiday sales. Throughout all of the digital channels, email continues to thrive and generate the highest return on investment (ROI). However, during the holiday season, the competition for consumers’ attention via email marketing skyrockets. Have no fear if you are unsure about how to implement an email marketing strategy. Here are the best email marketing tips to boost holiday sales.

Do Thorough Research and Review Your Findings

Before creating a new strategy for the upcoming holiday season, it would be a great idea to review past years’ achievements and failures. One of the best email marketing tips to boost holiday sales is to research what resonates with your audience and review previous years. Review top-performing trends, call to actions and various promotions and then use these findings to make data-driven decisions for the next season.

Aside from reviewing your company’s past performance, another email marketing tip to boost holiday sales is to assess your competitors’ performance and their holiday marketing strategies and compare them with your own. You can use tools like Milled or MailCharts to go through your competitors’ cadence and promotional strategy. Of course, we don’t want you to copy someone else’s exact plan, but through this research and review, you will be able to understand specific elements that work or don’t work.

Scrutinize Your Strategy Before Finalizing

Before implementing your strategy for the holiday season, one of the best email marketing tips to boost holiday sales is to scrutinize your strategy. According to our SEO agency, it’s typically a smart idea to avoid testing your strategy during the actual holiday season as the intent of your audience may be skewed. A few ways to test your email marketing strategy is by comparing short vs. long subject lines, promotional text through free shipping or buy-more-save-more, and through test time between mailing time and clicks.

Remember, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer the only times to implement promotions. The holiday season spans over roughly eight weeks; therefore, it’s essential to mix up promos and content to keep your audience engaged. Use the holiday season as an opportunity to implement special promotions, early access to sales and encouraging your audience to purchase gifts through your company. One of the best email marketing tips to boost holiday sales is to treat your customers like VIP and make them feel special. Make sure your emails are capturing the attention of your audience and generating clicks. Focus on a clear message that is also eye-catching and simple.

Expand Email Cadence and Traffic

It is a fact that email subscribers have a higher tolerance for increased mailing cadence during the holidays. One of the best email marketing tips to boost holiday sales is through increasing mail cadence. If you want to boost holiday sales, you should increase your timely messages to your email subscribers during the holiday season. Think about which time of day people are most likely sitting around on their phones. For instance, the morning and after dinner time on Thanksgiving are two of the best times to send out your promotional emails. However, any increase in mailing should be carefully considered to avoid losing subscribers or upset subscribers who may report you as spam.

The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to increase your email list. Before the holiday season, you can tease sign-ups for users to gain early access to sales. During the holiday season, you could run incentives for sign-ups to sweeten the deal for new subscribers. You could offer free shipping, gift with purchase or even a percentage off your entire holiday purchase.

There are so many opportunities to implement email marketing tips to boost holiday sales. Think about which strategies are relevant to your brand and how to execute them successfully. If you have any further questions about email marketing, contact our digital marketing team to learn more. Good luck with your holiday strategies and have a wonderful holiday season!



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