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Tandem is a full-service digital marketing agency that offer paid advertising services (PPC). Our marketing agency is a Kenshoo Premier Partner to help take your PPC campaigns to the next level. Tandem is a Facebook Partner, allowing us to leverage the largest social media network in the world’s reach with proven PPC strategies.


Facebook: A Social Media Juggernaut

While new social media platforms have stormed the scene, Facebook remains the world’s most widely used social media platform. According to Facebook’s website, there are about 1.5 billion active Facebook users. An interesting feature of Facebook is the diversity and specialization that it offers users and advertisers. With features like groups and targeted advertising, it allows businesses to contact their target audience directly.


In addition to personalized groups for business, Facebook provides an opportunity to target users with content that shows on their feed. Facebook provides vital data regarding the number of people that saw it, who clicked on the link provided, and what time it happened. This fully customizable platform provides a great way to tweak campaigns and make sure that people are led to your business’s conversion point.

Benefits of Partnering With a Facebook Partner Agency

Now that you are aware of the benefits of marketing through Facebook, it is important to highlight the benefits of working with a Facebook Partner. Much like a Google Partner, a Facebook Partner is vetted by Facebook. When a business becomes a Partner, it ensures that the people who manage the campaign are experts and will drive your marketing efforts forward. Another similarity to the Google Partner program is the ability to contact Facebook if anything goes awry with your advertising campaign.


The Power of Instagram As A Marketing Tool

An often-overlooked aspect of Facebook expertise is access to Instagram, the second-largest social media platform in the world. The wildly popular social media giant boasts one billion active users. According to the Pew Research Center, 64% of 18-29-year-olds are active on the app. With this large user base, creating engaging marketing efforts that resonate with users is an advantage for your business. Since Facebook owns Instagram, the same personalized and targeted advertising carries over to the photo-sharing app. Also, targeting customers on Instagram is easier because Facebook data, scheduling, and budgeting are also applicable to Instagram. Targeting customers on Instagram is accessible because of the amount of content that the app allows users to publish. There are stories, targeted advertisements, and regular posts that businesses can use to maximize their marketing efforts by engaging with customers.

Instagram is a powerful tool that allows a business to market effectively. Targeted advertising through Instagram is an effective way to engage an audience by creating a message that resonates with the right audience. Additionally, creating high-quality content is a great way to be discovered by a new audience.


Facebook Partnerships Can Help Your Business Grow

Working with an agency that is a Facebook Partner allows your business to enjoy expert access to an extensive user base. Along with expert access to the largest user base in the world, working with a partner allows your business access to advanced Facebook support. Finally, expertise in Facebook allows immediate access to the second largest social media website on the planet. In the hands of a Partner, these two platform’s sizes along with personalization options and advanced targeted marketing are a strong tool for your business.

Learn more about Tandem’s array of digital marketing services or call us today at (954) 519-4114 to speak with a digital marketing specialist about how a partnership with our marketing agency and Facebook can take your company’s PPC campaigns to the next level.

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