Brittni Swenson

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Whoop Whoop! New Changes to AdWords

[info_message style=”info”][est_time][/info_message] In the digital marketing industry, marketers understand that our space is always changing. With an awesome partner like Google, the innovation and design made to enhance search results and to help consumers find what they are looking for…

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Five Important To-Do’s before Publishing Content

[info_message style=”info”][est_time][/info_message] Every marketer has heard the phrase “Content is King”, but that statement should come with an asterisk. While content is important, there are certain factors that can make it king or make it an enemy when it comes…

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3 Free SEO Tools From Google To Track Your Site Accurately

[info_message style=”info”][est_time][/info_message] Being in digital marketing can get exhausting and confusing. Creating codes to accurately track conversions, clicks, traffic, referral sources, etc. can become complicated, and code implementation can turn into technical issues. While the responsibility of accurate tracking and code…

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The Truth About SEO and What It Is

[info_message style=”info”][est_time][/info_message] As entrepreneurs, we are all familiar with the term SEO, but do we understand the truth about SEO and what it really is?   SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an evolutionary form of marketing your business digitally in order…

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