Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

How to Grow Your Email Marketing Campaign

Take your email blasts to the next level with these tips from Florida Email Marketing experts.

We have all subscribed to emails, but the question is: how many of them do we actually click through and read? Do they all end up in the spam box? Email marketing is one of the most cost effective strategies in digital marketing for business of any size. However, getting those emails to convert is different story. It comes down to how you visually package the email that can make or break its success rate. Here are a few tips to help with designing email newsletters from Tandem, your East Coast digital marketing agency.


Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is like the famous expression, “less is more.” This stands true when designing email templates for email marketing campaigns. No matter what content you are including in your emails, the overall look and feel of the template needs to align with the rest of your brand identity. Having brand consistency regarding all aspects of your business, from website to social media photos, drives your brand’s message home and creates a lasting impression on subscribers.


Do Not Underestimate the Subject Line

At our digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, we see the subject line as the first opportunity to grab the attention of recipients and convince them that the email is worth opening. You can approach this at different angles. Being direct and to the point or using humor can provoke them to open your email. Keep your audience in mind when deciding which approach you should take, and what they will be more receptive to.


Your CTA Should Be Clear

The whole point of email marketing is to encourage customers to take action. This could be them returning to your website to buy your products, having them check out other content, or simply rewarding them for loyalty to your brand. These are all calls to action, as they are the biggest element that needs to stand out in your email template. A good idea is to make the CTA element clickable, linking directly to your site, product order page, or related content. This will create seamless design, following a natural thought process. Do not be afraid to incorporate some UX design trends that are boosting conversions to help get some fresh ideas for your template layout.


Images Speak Louder than Words

Once your email is opened by the recipient, you have a few seconds to catch the reader’s attention before they move onto the next email in their inbox. Because of this small window of opportunity, it is wise to utilize images to convey your message as opposed to simple, plain text.  Use bright colors to make important information stand out, like your CTAs. You could even incorporate GIFs to add some fun motion, which can be very memorable for the reader.

Email marketing is not difficult when you have written many emails, but in order to see a return in sales from your email blasts, you have to treat them in a different manner. It is a visual brand identity opportunity to deliver a targeted message directly to customers. If designing is not your cup of tea, no worries! Just look into enlisting the professional help from a digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale like Tandem. Check out the full list of services in which we provide, and let us push your business ahead of your competitors.