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Tandem is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers paid advertising and other digital marketing service. Along with state-of-the-art digital marketing services, Tandem is a Bing Partner. Our paid advertising team drives conversions through partnerships with search engines like Bing.


Bing Is Not Google’s Little Brother

When Microsoft unveiled Bing in 2009, it entered a market that was dominated by Google. Although Google still owns the most market share among search engines, Bing offers many advantages to businesses that Google does not. While Bing may seem like a waste of time to the untrained eye, the reality is that it can be of great use to marketing efforts. According to Hootsuite, Bing has a user base of 145 million active users per month. Along with the large user base, Bing also has lower pay per click rates than Google. Thanks to Bing using a similar auction system than Google to compete for placements and a smaller user base, Bing has a lower pay per click cost than Google. Not only is the advertisement cheaper, it also has a higher placement when searched.

Another unique aspect of Bing advertising is that it consolidates three different search engines: Yahoo, AOL, and Bing. The combination of advertising efforts and platforms maximize reach, and therefore the number of people influenced by your business’s advertisements.

Bing and Google Used Together

Although Google has a broader reach and Bing has the previously mentioned unique features, they are best used when cooperating with each other. For example, there are 136 million unique searchers on Bing and 53 million searchers that are not reached with Google Adwords.

Additionally, Bing has unique access to people between the ages of 35-54. For business owners who wish to reach this demographic, Bing presents a formidable advantage. Another demographic that is receptive to Bing advertising are older people with a household income of $100,00 or more. Google’s reach and Bing’s specificity towards older demographics complement each other very well. If your business does not reach your target audience, people will not find your business, which means less people likely to buy your products or services.


Working with a Bing Partner

Bing also offers extensive targeting options: in-market, LinkedIn profile, Custom audiences, Keywords, Location, Day of the week, Time of day, Gender, Age, Device, and Remarketing. If you are looking to market or advertise to an individual or company, LinkedIn targeting is especially advantageous.

With the number of mobile users today, it could be a great advantage to target devices in digital marketing. Fortunately for businesses, Bing has more access to device targeting than Google Ads based on their device type. According to Educate Direct, “There are over 4 billion unique mobile internet users in the world.” Businesses who market on mobile devices take advantage of devices that form part of everyone’s personal life to show them their product.

A PPC Agency That Helps Your Business Excel

Exactly like Google and Facebook, Bing has a partnership program. Bing Partners have privileged access to Bing support and increased web traffic. Working with a Partner can help your business reach a new demographic or one that you previously thought inaccessible.

Learn more about Tandem’s array of digital marketing services or call us today at (954) 519-4114 to speak with a digital marketing specialist about how a partnership with our marketing agency and Kenshoo can take your company’s PPC campaigns to the next level.

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