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Benefits of Microsoft Clarity

Click here to learn about the benefits of Microsoft Clarity in digital marketing. Our marketing experts in Fort Lauderdale are sharing everything about Clarity by Microsoft and its features.

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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2020

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is dedicated to celebrating the success of strong, fearless women around the globe, who pursue their dream of owning their own businesses and taking control of their time and freedom. Since our team at Tandem Interactive is…

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Marketing Your Products for The Seasons

The onset of different seasons ushers in changes in weather and multiple holidays, celebrations, and events. Since these aspects of seasonal change translate to changes in consumer behavior, they represent an exciting holiday marketing opportunity for businesses. For example, October…

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How To Create A Powerful Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is used in digital marketing strategies to visualize the customer journey, starting from a potential customer’s initial awareness and ending when they complete a purchase. Using one allows you to divide customers into segments so you can…

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How Women in the Marketing Field Can Get Ahead

The marketing world has made considerable progress over the years. The advent of new technology and social media has opened new doors for women in the marketing field, especially digital marketing. Specifically, positions in SEO, PPC, communications, and social media…

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