Local SEO & Google Maps

Local SEO & Google Maps Marketing

For all companies, it's important to boost your local presence among your neighbors. When local businesses open their doors or chains decide to open a new branch, they should be utilizing local search engine optimizations, or local SEO for short.


What Are The Core Fundamentals of
Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO services focus on increasing your online appearance using local directories, Google Maps marketing, and brand outreach and other such tactics. Consumers want to be able to find what they are searching for instantaneously, so you should use geo-targeted keywords and phrases to attract more clientele locally.

The number one rule of local SEO is to be consistent with everything to do. This also pertains to your digital presence on search engines like Google. With Google Maps marketing, our Fort Lauderdale SEO agency ensures your NAP (name, address and phone number) is consistent everywhere online, which is one of the core fundamentals of local SEO.


 The name of your brand is not only your identity but also the keyword customers will use in their online search. Your company’s name must be consistent everywhere online to ensure search engines are ranking your company. Your clients will be able to find your company with ease on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Address and Phone Number

A consistent and correct address and phone number listed on every single website that references your company is vital to generate leads and make sales. Imagine the number of people who open up Google Maps to search for businesses in the area – potential clients need to be able to find your company on such platforms.

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Implement geo-targeted keywords

Depending on the services you are offering and the weight of your brand name, local consumers may not ever search for your brand name in order to find you. Our marketing experts in Fort Lauderdale generate long-tail, geo-targeted keywords that local clientele and key demographics for your business

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Questions you might have about Local SEO


What Is Google Maps Marketing?

A significant part of local SEO is Google Maps marketing. By setting up your Google My Business account, our team can manage your company’s listing. Google Maps marking focuses on enhancing your presence exclusively on Google Maps. Our digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale will create a strategy to put your company on the map with Google Maps marketing best practices. Allow us to use our expertise to boost the visibility of your brand and the services you offer with our local SEO services.


What is an Example of Google Maps Marketing?

If a consumer wants coffee, they will open Google Maps and type in the keyword “coffee.” With one click, they will be directed to coffee shops nearby. A local coffee shop will now have a new customer, all because they used Google Maps marketing to target new clients. You want to implement local SEO tactics to ensure your local business appears first on the Google Maps listing.

If you fail to add your company onto Google Maps, you decrease the number of potential customers because they won’t be able to find you. Don’t neglect Google Maps marketing. Implement proper strategies to maximize your local SEO efforts. Getting your business on the first page of Google SERPs generates more traffic to your website and increases your customer base. This is ultimately paving the way for greater brand reach.


Why Should You Verify Your Google My Business Listing?

Claiming your Google My Business listing allows you to control your brand reputation. You can verify your NAP, which allows Google and consumers to see your listing first. Verified listings let Google know that your address and business information is accurate, so they will be more likely to show your business in local searches.

When you verify your Google My Business listing, you also decide under what category your business falls. This gives you more control over the image of your business rather than allowing Google to dictate where your business belongs. Verifying your business and maintaining updated information helps potential consumers locate your company, contact your business, know your business hours, learn what others have to say about you, and more.


Why Should You Implement Local SEO & Google Maps Marketing?

Google Maps marketing is now the best way to advertise your physical location. Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and make the process as simple as possible – if they can’t find your business, you can bet they will go somewhere else. By combining local SEO & Google Maps marketing, you can be found!

Since the internet, and particularly Google, are dynamically changing, growing and shrinking in areas, your local digital marketing must be managed consistently and correctly. Like most SEO services, there is a level of expertise and strategy involved that make the process much simpler. By combining local SEO & Google Maps marketing, you can verify that all company information is correct; boost website visibility, domain authority, and organic ranking; and stand out against your competitors.

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