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link building to consider

3 Important Factors to Consider When Link Building

Link Building is a vital part of SEO – off-site SEO to be exact. When you are link building there are three important factors which Google considers: link velocity, link trajectory, and anchor text distribution. Link Velocity As you work…

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google panda

Google Panda Demotes Low Quality Sites

Tandem Interactive, a digital marketing company in Fort Lauderdale, reports on Google’s Gary Illyes and his recent statement clearing up some information on Google Panda. Google Panda is a spam fighting algorithm that stops sites with bad quality content from…

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google penguin 4.0

Google’s Penguin 4.0 is Officially Here

Google’s Gary Illyes warns SEO teams and website owners in regards to cleaning up their links as the release of Google’s Penguin 4.0 became official this month. Penguin 4.0 is an algorithm created by Google that works in real time to catch sites…

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chain links

Better Link Building for Your Business

[info_message style=”info”][est_time][/info_message] Between the Penguin update, selective publishers and other changes in Local SEO, many businesses are reevaluating their link building efforts in the New Year, while other companies have abandoned the strategy all together. Fact of the matter is,…

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How to Read and Understand Majestic for Link Building

[info_message style=”info”][est_time][/info_message] The first initial reaction most people have when introduced to Majestic is usually that of confusion. While many expert Majestic users find it easy to understand, some still struggle with the ability to read it correctly. Thankfully, Majestic…

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