How to Use Honesty as a Guaranteed Link Building Shortcut

I can tell you from personal experience, honesty is the best way to link build. To say honesty is a link building shortcut seems counter intuitive. No shortcut has ever been built on honesty, right?

Here’s the truth, everyone else is lying. People are scamming, using black hat link building tactics, finding link building shortcuts when the answer is easy. White hat, honest SEO tactics work now and good link building agencies understand that.

Who knows for how long though? As soon as an SEO tactic works, especially a shortcut, it’s usually dead in a few months. It’s abused, and Google kills it. However, Google has always rewarded honesty, so Tandem Interactive believes this SEO shortcut won’t be going anywhere.

  • Communicate in Your (Honest) Voice

When emailing, commenting, reaching out, communicate in your voice. Not your company voice, not your formal voice, not the voice you use when you are trying to convince someone to do something you want them to do.

Your voice.

The perfect voice to use as a link building shortcut, is that comfortable voice you use when you are introduced to someone by a mutual friend. Friendly, upbeat, with a dash of your own personality.

If you want to succeed at link building, start speaking in your voice.

  • Keep Track and Use What Works

If you work for an SEO agency then you have probably received emails from SEO tool providers, I know I get at least 4 a week. How many are you reading and how many capture your attention? I remember one email I received over a year ago after not responding to two previous emails. The marketer asked if I was kidnapped by cats.

I responded immediately. It was just so ridiculous. I made a mental note of what worked on me, and I started to try those tactics. That’s step 1. Step 2 is to track your own progress. Keep track of which of the emails you send are receiving responses. Even if the response is no, that’s good! It means they read the email and took the time to reply. It’s a short jump from there to nailing a link.

  • Using Reddit (Honest Communication with Online Communities)

All good link builders know the power of forums and no forum is more powerful and coveted than Reddit. It is also swimming with blood thirsty sharks that can small an SEO, link builder and marketer from the minute they log in.

I have found success in approaching Reddit link building using these 4 rules:

  1. Always post in the correct subreddit.
  2. Tell them you are a marketer immediately. (Honest SEO tactic!)
  3. Ask a relevant question or submit useful information. Don’t shoe horn links. It’s ugly.
  4. Browse after working hours, there is no start/stop time on Reddit.

These rules have helped me ensure that I not only get link opportunities, but I have also turned messages into interviews which in turn were used as useful, insightful content.

Rule number 4 is important. I have noticed that I receive most replies after working hours, and if you reply immediately, you communicate that you are a regular human being, browsing Reddit and using your free time to make relationships.

  • Networking & Niche Events

Yes, going out and meeting people is not a link building shortcut, or is it? Put in the work now and you will save create a major shortcut for yourself.

The best way to develop a relationship with an influencer is through honesty. Attend networking events and get to know the influencers. Be honest and tell them why you are there, to become an influence in the community as well.

Remember Link Building Tactics Are Common – Be Unique!

If only it was as easy as just writing useful, enjoyable, insightful content though, right? Well no matter how good your content, the right link, shout out or mention is necessary to get your website traffic.

You fool bloggers, webmasters or Joe Shmoe’s anymore. Everyone knows the value of a good link and they are all charging money. Bless them if that’s what the want to do, but get caught paying for links and feel the wrath.