Foolproof SEO Link Building Tactics

Just like the real world, SEO is not only about what you know, but also who you know and who knows you. Link building is such an important part of SEO and digital marketing because what good is your content if no one is sharing it? It’s also a great way to gain some credibility for your brand because you’re saying “Hey! We are the experts on this topic; let us tell you what to do to succeed.” If you are a fellow digital marketer or are just curious about what SEO link building is, our SEO specialists can help.

Tandem Interactive was recently featured in an SEM Updates blog post on SEO link building with sites that have high domain authority. There are many different ways SEO professionals and digital marketers succeed in scoring backlinks from high domain authority sites. Richa Pathak of SEM Updates rounded up 20 actionable SEO link building tactics in 2020 that SEO specialists use.

SEO Link Building 101: Building Backlinks from High Domain Authority Sites

Trying to get a backlink from a high domain authority (DA) site can be a little intimidating and sometimes frustrating. Sites with high DA are the most trusted sites by their readers and by Google. They are also the most trafficked sites, so it makes sense why you would want your content and company name shared on their blog or home page. However, trying to get a backlink from these sites can often be challenging. Our digital marketing agency has had its fair share of outright rejection or radio silence from high DA sites regarding our backlink requests, so we made it our mission to come up with a strategy for a better response outcome.

We found that the best way to get a backlink from a high domain authority site is to reach out to them with an offer that will also help their site. Reaching out to high domain authority sites and just asking them to help you will not get you a response.

Each time we have offered a high DA site something in return – such as a feature on a blog post that they can share through multiple channels – we were more likely to get a response and a link back to our site. Making the backlink appeal to them as an offer they just cannot refuse will always do the trick!

An easier way is to reach out to a high domain authority page and ask them to correct any misinformation that may be posted about your site. Once you have made the initial contact, you can thank them and mention something about linking sites. An easy message like “Hello, I see that our business phone number is incorrect on your site! If you could please change it to (111-333-4444), we would appreciate it! Also, we would like to feature your business on our blog…” can open a world of possibilities for backlinks.

Getting Backlinks from Bloggers

While SEO link building, if you are reaching out to bloggers in your area or experts on a particular matter, reaching out for a backlink in the form of a 5-question interview is a great technique. Let the blogger know that they can answer any or all of the 5 questions if they choose to. Then, you can use their answers in your content and link to their blog. Once your content is posted, send it to the blogger, noting where you have linked them, and ask them to please share your content, with appropriate credit, on their site. If the blogger’s content or responses are evergreen, you can establish a strong backlink connection with them.

To learn more about our SEO link building techniques and see how we have become successful at outreach, check out our other link building blogs!

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