Using PR for Link Building

Despite what others have said over the years, link building has remained one of the strongest facets of SEO. However, acquiring valuable links has become more difficult with Google’s algorithm continuously learning which links have been engineered for SEO. Therefore, acquiring good links has become increasingly crucial to your website’s overall performance. On the other hand, when you take a step back from SEO and put on a regular marketing hat, you can actually gain links naturally, especially through public relations tactics. Let’s delve further into how using PR for link building can do wonders for your marketing strategy:

What is a PR Campaign?

Public relations involves getting your business front and center before journalists through press releases and responding to any journalist requests. However, when talking about PR link building, usually a creative PR campaign does the trick. Such creative initiatives call for your business to stand out from the rest by pitching to relevant journalists for coverage.

A common mistake among marketers is pitching their business by highlighting the basic qualities of their brand. This will only have your business thrown in a pile of other businesses that journalists won’t think as worthy of coverage. If you want to get coverage for your business, you need to highlight something unique or new that reporters will want to write about.


So, how can you think of an idea that will help your business get coverage? Our digital marketing experts at our Fort Lauderdale marketing agency recommend looking at what these journalists are already covering. Start with the target publications with whom you’d like a feature and browse their latest stores to see how you can pitch your business to them.

This can include:

  • New products/services
  • Sweepstakes
  • Sales promotions
  • Anything else that’s a bit unconventional from the norm

The main thing to always keep in mind when using PR for link building is to yourself apart from your competitors while adhering to the trend of stories written by target publications.


Now that you’ve strategized how you’ll pitch your business to target publications, you need to execute your marketing strategy to get coverage. If you’re using PR for link building, remember that journalists can smell a shoddy PR stunt from a mile away – so make sure to present your business honestly when reaching out. You can do so by creating a new fun tour of your website or publishing a blog post outlining an upcoming sweepstakes or new product/service. This method of PR link building will direct journalists to a webpage with more information instead of cramming it all into a press release, as well as having a place to link to as a source for a journalist’s story.


It’s as simple as that! Such a traditional PR tactic will help you land a story in your target publication while also receiving a valuable link. Want to learn more about PR link building? Don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our digital marketing team in Fort Lauderdale today!