Why Quality Content Leads to Good Link Building – Notes from Pubcon Florida 2019

Everybody knows that content is king among the types of marketing strategies, but what about when it comes to link building? In Fort Lauderdale’s Pubcon 2019 Advanced Link Building Workshop, Dr. Marie Haynes, Ann Smarty, and Dixon Jones discussed the ins and outs of link building best practices. While algorithms like Page Rank contribute to successful link building, there’s one element that still reigns supreme: content.

Why Content is at the Core of Good Link Building

The biggest goal with link building is to create content that users want and will actually read. Bad quality content just won’t cut it. Search engines consider how users interact with your links across the web, so creating content that people want to link to is crucial. The better your content, the more people will naturally link back to it.

Protip: Discuss what you (or your client) have expertise in. Provide data or other insight that sites will want to link to. If you have great data on your site, it will attract links naturally.

How to Develop the Right Content for Getting Link Backs

So, we realize that good content is crucial for getting links back. But, how do you develop content that people will want to link back to? Our Florida SEO team share some tips directly from Pubcon’s Advanced Link Building Workshop:

  • Consider your expertise on the subject. What resources, data, or expertise can you provide that people will want to link to? Develop content about this topic. If you aren’t an expert on the topic, use social media to reach out to experts who can provide quotes or credited insight for the topic at hand.
  • Look for broken links around the web. Are there pages around the web linking to an old webpage that’s no longer around? Write something better that’s fresh and more relevant. Then, offer your page to replace the broken link.
  • Get social. Social media marketing isn’t just for sharing content, it’s for creating content. Listen on sites such as Twitter and Reddit to see what questions people are asking or news people are discussing so you can provide answers or join the discussion with a great bit of content. You can also connect with trusted experts in your field to quote in your content.

You’ll notice that guest posts and paid links are not part of this 2019 guide for link building. Search engines are getting better at identifying which parts of websites links are coming from. So, though you might be able to pay for a link back in a guest post on a high DA site, Google will know that the link is coming from a link-back only resource, not an actual organic source, which means it’s not as valuable as you’d think.

The Kind of Content That Gets Link Backs

Good link building is about giving users resources they’ll find useful. So, what types of content will be more likely to get a link back? More commonly linked content includes:

  • Infographics
  • In-depth news or research
  • eBooks
  • Interviews
  • Polls & surveys
  • AMAs
  • Expert quotes and lists
  • How-To’s
  • Future predictions for your keyword
  • History of your keyword


So, Wait, What About My Old Directory Links?

Directories used to be the name of the game in link building, but in Pubcon’s Advanced Link Building Workshop, the speakers discussed the importance of finding relevant sites to get a link back from. This is because users need to actually click on your link and interact with it for the link to give your website “link juice.” Directories often do not receive any real human visitors to interact with your links in the way search engines analyze for value.

No, this doesn’t mean that you need to disavow every old link back to your site. Search engines are doing a better job at analyzing which links to “count” when determining this ranking factor. Performing a link audit can help you determine which links to disavow:

  • Determine a pattern of low-quality link outreach in your existing backlink portfolio and disavow links that are a part of this pattern.
  • Check your links in analytics, if nobody is visiting that link, why keep it?
  • Look at the quality of the site that’s being linked from – is it a quality site that you want to be associated with? If not, consider disavowing it.

Wondering whether or not you should disavow that link? Reach out to our digital marketing company in South Florida for an in-depth backlink audit and disavow for your site with our affordable SEO services.