Link Building with Local Charities and Events

Link building has evolved over the years, and it can sometimes be challenging to understand how to utilize this specialized marketing tool. Some SEO services such as link building can be time-consuming, however, they have the potential to expand your brand through outreach and other various methods. Here are the reasons why you should incorporate link building with local charities in your marketing strategy.

Benefits of Collaborating with Local Charities & Events

One of the main reasons why you should incorporate link building with local charities is because of brand exposure. Not only are you increasing your brand awareness, but you are also driving more attention to important causes to encourage more donations. You are drawing welcome attention to an excellent charity to help them achieve their goals. The main goal of link building with local charities is essentially to increase awareness of both the charity and the business. Aside from just one link on a blog, however, your company could play a larger role in the collaboration with the non-profit organization and maximize your link acquisition potential as well as your brand’s visibility.


Sponsorships are a great way to link build with local charities and events. You can add value to your company with promotional materials featuring your business name, logo, or both on different items and even include your website and a social media hashtag. You could take it a step further by choosing items related to the charity. For example, if you’re working with a non-profit related to pet adoption, you could add your brand name and logo to small treat bags, leashes, or food bowls. You will be doing a good dead through charitable work while also increasing mutual brand awareness.


Prospecting for Local Charities

Local charities are the gems of our community, but prospecting through them can be incredibly time-consuming. Sifting through this information is one of those tedious email marketing tasks that are necessary and worth the effort. There are so many non-profit organizations for numerous causes so you have to sort through different charities’ information to find those whose mission aligns with your company’s goals. If you are link building with local charities, you can use search engines to narrow your search results and increase the odds of finding a charity that is a good fit for your business. Start by narrowing down the city where you are working and specify the type of non-profit you prefer to work with. For example, you can search for organizations with a focus on the environment in Fort Lauderdale. Create a spreadsheet to organize the information for all the different charities you’ve narrowed down so that you can refer back to it for a current or potential future collaboration.


Building Relationships Through Link Acquisition

If you are new to the concept of link building, a simple way to think about it is as relationship building. At the core of link building with local charities, it’s all about fostering a relationship with a group of people who share similar passions. An excellent way to look at link acquisition is as an awareness campaign; the more people who are aware of your company and your philanthropy, the more they want to work with you. The key to building these relationships is to be genuine. No one will want to work with you if you have a phony or a poor reputation. Link building with local charities is an effective way to make a difference in your community while increasing your brand’s awareness and credibility as well as improve its reputation. Take your time with link acquisition and remember that quality is more important than quantity.


Now that you have learned the many benefits of incorporating link building with local charities, it’s time to implement this strategy. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our digital marketing team, who will gladly answer any of your queries.