3 Important Factors to Consider When Link Building

Link Building is a vital part of SEO – off-site SEO to be exact. When you are link building there are three important factors which Google considers: link velocity, link trajectory, and anchor text distribution.

Link Velocity

As you work at link building, Google looks at your historic link growth overtime. By seeing how quickly you add links monthly and over the course of a year. Using how often you add links, it diagnoses what a normal rate for your site is automatically. Using that baseline it compares it similar sites and looks for abnormalities in its trends. When abnormalities are found, Google further investigates your site.

Link Trajectory

In relation to how quickly you acquire links, google also looks at how steadily you add links. If over your site’s lifetime your site adds links in patterns of waves and then randomly a huge spike in link adds occur, this is an abnormality in your link trajectory. Although it is an abnormality, Google investigates for what caused the reason as it could be a site re-launch or social advertising. If Google cannot find a good reason for the spike, furthering investigating takes place, a harsh penalty can occur if some Black Hat SEO is going on.

Anchor Text Distribution

Anchor text is the clickable portion of a link and crucial for any link building strategy. Unfortunately, this is the most common reason sites receives penalties from Google. Keywords in your anchor text are important as it helps Google determine what exactly a page is about. If a user however uses the same anchor text for each page, it is completely unnatural, misleading, and will wave a red flag in Google’s spam algorithm. As previously stated, any red flags on Google’s radar with be a cause for investigation and most likely a penalty to your site.

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