The Value of Outbound Links

Notes from Pubcon Las Vegas 2019

When most people think about link building, which is a crucial part of good search engine optimization, they think about obtaining inbound links. Yes, it’s true that inbound links are important for your SEO, but as Dixon Jones explained in his Pubcon Las Vegas 2019 presentation Link Building, Topicality, and the Reasonable Surfer, outbound links are just as important as inbound links and many people ignore this vital aspect of a link portfolio.

Why Outbound Links Are Important for SEO

Outbound links can help attach your website to a better quality “link neighborhood” with other high domain authority links. These links are also especially valuable if you are linking to a source, statistic, or information that substantiates the topics and statements you are presenting on your page.

For example, if you are discussing medical information on your website, including links on the bottom that point to your sources on reputable websites can both substantiate your information and improve the outbound link portfolio of your website. These outbound links improve SEO by boosting your backlink quality, citing any vital information being presented, and giving visitors an opportunity to continue their information-gathering journey by exploring additional resources on your website.

Examples of Good Outbound Link Practices

In his Pubcon Las Vegas 2019 presentation, Dixon Jones showed examples of healthy outbound link practices. He used everyone’s favorite resource, Wikipedia, as an example of strong outbound link practices. Specifically, he showed how Wikipedia uses a high number of outbound links to cite their sources, and Wikipedia consistently dominates SERPs with top-level results.

Good outbound links should:

  • Support or substantiate existing information on the page
  • Link to high-quality websites with a high DA
  • Offer readers additional information options if they are interested

Building a Good Link Portfolio

At Tandem Interactive, we understand that good quality link building is about much more than inbound links. Outbound link building is an important part of quality content, local SEO, and more. Contact our team to learn more about outbound linking best practices and our SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Visual Marketing services.