International Optimizations

The Different Search Engines Around the World.

Learn about international marketing and oversea markets from our South Florida marketing experts.

What Are the Different Search Engines Around the World?

International marketing is completely different from marketing in the United States. Not only are there different search engines around the world, but people are searching very differently depending on where they are. Our Fort Lauderdale marketing experts recently attended Pubcon Florida 2021, one of the biggest digital marketing conferences in the world, and extensively learned about marketing overseas and understanding international optimizations. 

With the help of our South Florida digital marketing agency, you’ll know all about international optimizations and the different search engines which are found globally and are much different than Google and Bing!  

What Are International Marketing Optimizations? 

International marketing can be defined as applying marketing principles and tactics overseas and implementing them in more than one country. It is a multinational process of planning and executing international optimizations to achieve conversations down the marketing funnel for an idea, product, or service. Most international marketing optimizations involve the use of different search engines around the world.  

There are many benefits to having a multi-market/lingual website completely separate from a local website. The best way to have a multilingual website is to have one domain for all global sites and change the slug of the domain for different languages and countries. One domain with multiple slugs helps geotargeting and showcasing the correct pages in local search results and helps with both IP detection and user agent detection. 

For example:

  • .us is the United States
  • .ru is Russia
  • .jp is Japan
  • .es is Spain 

Yandex: The Russian Search Engine 

Yandex is a Russian search engine that offers free email, live traffic maps, music, videos, photo storage, and more. Very similar to Google, Yandex has many of the same features and suites. Digital marketers in Russia benefit greatly from optimizing for Yandex algorithms as most users are found using it as their preferred search engine of choice. 

Our SEO specialist in South Florida learned that Yandex.ru is known for being the largest media destination and property for the entire country of Russia. Another benefit of optimizing Yandex algorithms in international marketing is that Yandex is curated around the Russian language and, compared to Google, better understands Russian search queries and challenges. 

Baidu: The Chinese Search Engine

Baidu is the dominant international search engine of choice found in China. Baidu can be considered the Google of China, but the government controls most of the search market, censoring search results, web pages, and content that doesn’t fall in line with Chinese regulations. China has a huge firewall that protects them from the outside and vastly affects their internet speeds. For this reason, China has one of the slowest internet speeds in the world. 

Our PPC experts in Fort Lauderdale learned that Baidu has a very large suite of products like Google. A key element when it comes to international marketing is optimizing for the different societies. For example, when optimizing for a Chinese search engine, a digital marketer may want to consider collectivism (the needs of a group) vs. individualism (the needs of an individual). Behavior carries forward in how you will market to an audience. 

Naver: The Korean Search Engine

If you are internationally marketing in Korea, you will be spending a lot of time learning about optimizing for Naver, the Korean search engine. Naver is the number one search engine in South Korea and is known by BrightEdge as far outpacing Google locally1. Naver is a term derived from the word ‘navigate,’ and this popular Korean search engine overtakes about 70% of the market search in the area. 

In fact, most Korean webmasters block Google from accessing their sites. The Korean search algorithm is built around the Korean language, so if you are a digital marketer exploring international optimizations, be sure to find someone who speaks the native language to help you deliver relevant search results.

Local Digital Marketing in South Florida 

At Tandem Buzz, we may not be able to get you on the different search engines around the world, but we can help you with your local digital marketing. Our SEO marketing agency can help you optimize your website, create custom QR codes, and help with reputation management. Learn more about our Google maps marketing and find out how your local business can benefit from Google My Business

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