How To Create a Business Website Using GMB

Google My Business Tip

A business’s website is the most important marketing tool that they have at their disposal. In this blog, our worker bees detail how business owners could use their GMB listing to create a website.

Businesses of all sizes need a website because they are a window into your brand and your business’s offerings. Your website is where your current and potential customers will learn about the products and services that your company offers. Additionally, your website provides relevant contact information like your email address and phone number. Having a website plays into the most important facet of the modern customer: they will rely on search engines to find businesses that offer the products or services they need. Many business owners find themselves intimidated by creating a business website and try their best to avoid it. Fortunately for business owners who do not have a website or are looking to revamp theirs, Google has provided them with tools to quickly and easily create both a website and a Google My Business listing, thanks to the website builder feature. 

How to Create a Website Through Making a Google My Business Listing

The first step that a business needs to do when creating their website is creating a Google My Business listing. Aside from being a starting point for creating a website, GMB is a helpful tool in a digital marketing strategy because it gives searchers a quick synopsis of what your business has to offer, your address, phone number, and operating hours. 

After creating a GMB listing, be sure to click on the “website” option on the left sidebar. After doing this, you have just started the bare-bones foundation for your website. To finalize the process, all that is needed is to purchase a domain and add your finishing touches. 

How to Customize Your Business Website 

Your business’s website needs to be visually striking and easy to navigate to accomplish the goals you have set. Fortunately, GMB allows businesses to edit their website directly on their platforms. Google’s website builder will automatically generate a generic template for your website, loaded with your business’ name, location, hours, contact information, posts, catalog, and photos. Small business owners could choose between different templates, fonts, and color schemes as they see fit. 

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