The New SERPs and How To Optimize for Them

Optimizing and Identifying New SERPS

Featured snippets have taken up more space in search engine response pages. Here's how to benefit from the new SERP's optimization available.

Google SERPs are constantly changing, and as digital marketers, it is imperative we are quickly able to adjust the business’s SEO strategies of our clients. A perfect example of Google SERP features changing are the ten familiar blue links that previously fell just below the fold. Today there are times where no blue links are found on the search results page. Enhanced search results included in new SERP features such as the map pack, search quality raters, and recommended suggestions have taken up a lot more real estate than just the familiar ten blue links. 


At Tandem Buzz, we specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) in South Florida, and our SEO specialists are trained in understanding the new SERPs optimizations. We are excited to be sharing all of our insight on how to use SERPs – the right way! 

New SERP Features: Top 10 Results

As we mentioned, there are many more new SERP features that take up more space than the average ten links. As digital marketing specialists, we must optimize keywords around SEO content, focus on organizing website taxonomy, rank for local SEO opportunities, and so much more! Understanding SERPs optimization is only the beginning. Here are what our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency finds to be the top 10 results of the SERPs.

  • 33% Local SEO
  • 12% Products
  • 10% Images
  • 7% Videos
  • 70% People also ask (PAA)

People also ask whether PAA has a huge percentage of space in the search engine results page as well as answer box snippets for specific queries. Being able to gain clients’ Google Answer Box snippets has also proven to raise organic CTR through non-branded queries that users are asking. 

Identifying Opportunities in the SERPs 

When trying to find ways to harness SERPs optimization, consider keywords users include in their queries often. This is also the key to receiving featured snippets and PAA snippets. You must identify a simple problem and provide a direct answer. The future of the search engine results page is transitioning words. Users are constantly searching through these words, and some of the most common transitioning words found in SERPs optimization are:

  • For
  • Of
  • The 
  • Me

Analyze common words found in search queries and directly answer them to gain featured snippets in SERPs. This provides insights into how people are searching and not just what they are searching for. Help answer their questions, raise organic CTR, and gain authority in your industry. 

SERP Optimization with South Florida Digital Marketing Experts

At Tandem Buzz, our marketing experts in Fort Lauderdale are constantly researching the latest trends in SERPs optimization and studying the competition to improve SEO. If you need help understanding marketing for your audience, be sure to contact us and ask about our South Florida neuromarketing services. 

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services, including social media marketing in Fort Lauderdale, reputation management, local SEO, PPC management, and more!