The Power of Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience

Neuromarketing & Consumer Neuroscience

Here is how our digital marketing agency does consumer research to better understand how our users make non-conscious decisions.

Did you know that only 5% of decision-making is made by the conscious mind, whereas the unconscious mind does 95% of the decision-making process?  If most users are making non-conscious decisions, we must understand what stimulates users to respond. Here at Tandem Buzz, our highly trained marketing experts in Fort Lauderdale offer national and South Florida neuromarketing services to better target non-conscious decisions no matter where your business may be located. 

What Is Consumer Neuroscience?

A brief introduction to neuromarketing and consumer neurosciences involves understanding the psychology behind the decision-making process, which involves how customers think and what may cause a rouse out of them. A great example of combining neuroscience and marketing is Walmart’s behavior analysis research and how they perform marketing research. 

Behavior analysts first begin with identifying a problem or goal for customers. They create a hypothesis of something that might work, and then they test the ideas. There is no guarantee that they will find a resolution on the first try which is why they must drop, modify, or scale up their ideas. 

How Neuroscience Can Inform Customer Research 

Consumer neuroscience can inform customer research by helping marketers understand consumers’ goals and pain points on a psychological level. Neuromarketing and neuroscience also provide insight on intuitive notions of a user and how they react to a product, service, or website naturally. Being able to maneuver your marketing efforts based on neuroscience immersion and consumer intuition provides long-lasting success and is a great measurement of engagement from content, views, or interests. 

Some great neuromarketing tools that can help inform customer research are machine learning eye-tracking, click tracking, A & B testing, behavioral analytics, and evolutionary psychology. 

Our Fort Lauderdale SEO specialists are highly trained in finding friction through click tracking and understanding behavioral analytics. Combining consumer neuroscience and marketing has been able to help us find friction in the user experience when customers are interacting with clients’ websites. Our PPC experts in South Florida are often found running their own consumer neuroscience research using A & B testing to promote certain landing pages that may perform better. 

Being able to optimize based on what causes high effort and high friction to our users gives our digital marketing experts the advantage of removing those speed bumps for a better user experience. We are then able to track our efforts using behavioral insight tools, tracking the number of dead clicks and rage clicks we find during a session. 

The Best Neuromarketing Agency in South Florida

If you would like to do more research on your business’s target audience, then be sure to contact Tandem Buzz. We offer our clients data-driven reports and insight so they can better understand their consumer neuroscience. 

Although we specialize in neuromarketing, our digital marketing agency doesn’t just stop there! We also offer a wide range of marketing services in South Florida, such as PPC services, online reputation management, social media management services, search engine optimization, and so much more!