COVID Optimized Consumer Marketing

How COVID-19 Has Affected Consumer Marketing

COVID optimized consumer marketing is more imperative as users alter the way they search and ask. Here is how increases in internet usage have caused marketers to reconsider their strategies.

It is no secret that the world has changed immensely since the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The changes in the world have had a big impact on how users are searching and the way they use the internet. At Tandem Buzz, a Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency, we have been studying COVID optimized consumer marketing to better understand the evolution of our users in this new period. 


Digital marketing strategies need to take into account how the human psyche has changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, e-commerce marketing during the pandemic is about understanding the changes in how consumers operate and optimizing for their new personalities. Here is what our South Florida marketing experts are doing to ensure we are creating COVID optimized consumer marketing optimizations that help drive website traffic, CTR, and conversions. 


COVID-19 Shopping Methods Have Changed


How consumers find information amidst the COVID pandemic is very different than ever before, especially when it comes to e-commerce. People are anxious around this ‘new normal’ and have begun adopting new shopping habits into their lifestyles. The internet usage of the world has increased with more users being online, working from home, shopping online, or taking online classes. When creating a strategy around COVID optimized consumer marketing in e-commerce, our search engine optimization specialist in Fort Lauderdale recommends thinking of these new shopping habits and how you can make the experience easier or more convenient. 


Consumers are spending more time shopping online, ordering groceries, supplies, clothing, etc. Nearly 75% of consumers say they will continue to use these new convenient shopping habits in their lifestyles. Here are some online purchases of users to consider when consumer marketing for e-commerce. 

  • 59% Groceries and snacks
  • 46% Personal care products 
  • 40% Alcohol 

Marketing With QR Codes 

Another new inclusion in consumer marketing around coronavirus that our Fort Lauderdale social media marketing agency has found is the adoption of QR codes. Also, one of the best things to happen during COVID-19 was the reemergence of QR codes, which have provided convenient searching, safety, specific CTR actions, and customers love them! 


Quick and error-free QR codes can be found in most restaurants for users to find food menus while minimizing the interaction customers have touching unsanitary menus. 


Oftentimes businesses use QR codes to provide a simple friction-less experience for users to leave a review.  QR codes are printed on flyers for promotional campaigns, used to create cashless mobile payments, and more! At Tandem Buzz, we believe that QR codes are a valuable tool for digital marketers, and if you want to keep up with the COVID optimized consumer, it’s time to start introducing it into your marketing efforts. 

Consumer Marketing With a South Florida Marketing Agency 

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