Guiding Content Strategies for Editorial Teams

A Cohesive Content Development Strategy and A Strong Editorial Team

Want to learn how to create content marketing strategies to improve brand awareness, SERP rankings, and link building opportunities?

Writing dynamic content isn’t easy, but your site can have engaging content with a cohesive content development strategy and a strong editorial team. You can increase brand awareness, improve SERP rankings, and create content for link-building opportunities with quality content. Learn from our expert content marketing managers some tips and tricks for guiding content strategies for editorial teams.   

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As with every team, including creative content and editorial teams, every role is important in its own way. Most content marketing teams include writers, editors, and SEO specialists. Writers are creative people that excel at creating quality content, while SEO specialists utilize keyword ranking tools and long-tailed keywords for optimized results and SERP rankings. Editors have the immense responsibility to ensure that content is optimized for search engines and doesn’t have spelling or grammatical errors. To coordinate with each other’s responsibilities and goals, communicate with the team while having these responsibilities and goals in mind because teamwork makes the dream work!

Create Successful Content Marketing Strategies  

Content managers have the incredible task of creating content marketing strategies and managing the editorial team. Before creating your content marketing strategies, establish these items to effectively communicate with the team.  

  • Determine your team’s strengths and weaknesses in SEO and content development.
  • Understand each other’s communication styles and listen to priorities.
  • Complete an SEO competitor analysis to evaluate competitor’s content and SERP rankings.
  • Establish content goals and plan to integrate ideas for evergreen content.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is dynamic content that is fresh and engages readers. Evergreen content is quality content that continues to be relevant, inform audiences, and is optimized with keywords for SERP rankings. Unlike trending or “fleeting” content, evergreen remains informative and interesting.

Content Marketing Tips

Implement E-A-T Principles

When creating content, especially evergreen content, writers and SEO specialists need to implement E-A-T principles to establish Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Not only do search engines rank knowledgeable content higher, but the audience feels more engaged and confident in your product or service.

Utilize SERP Ranking Tools

Many SERP ranking tools help search for keywords for your website, keyword positions, and long-tailed keywords. If the content is not properly optimized with keywords, it will not rank properly on SERPs or be exposed to audiences. Successful SEO and content marketing strategies include monitoring Google trends, competitor analysis, low-hanging fruit opportunities, and engaging content. Coordinate with your creative and editorial teams to start creating your content strategy today!   

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