Why Your Business Needs an SEO Strategy

The Importance of an SEO Strategy for Business

Accomplish your digital marketing goals with an SEO strategy that works!

Search engine optimization is constantly evolving; considering it is not likely to stop growing any time soon, investing in an SEO strategy is crucial to the success of your company’s future. There are a number of reasons as to why your business needs a SEO strategy.

If SEO is a little more difficult for you to grasp, you can begin to think of your website like a cake.

In the cake of your website there are layers. The very bottom layer could be considered the infrastructure. The second layer from the bottom is the actual platform – the content management system, or CMS. Almost at the top of the cake we have the layer that could be considered the information architecture, or IA. Finally, that very top layer that everyone is looking at, is the content of your site. Now that you have built your cake, you have to make sure the layers of your cake are being held together. And what else would we hold a cake together with other than with icing? Think of SEO as the icing to your website cake.

The icing of your cake is compiled of many different ingredients, otherwise known as what makes your cake so delicious. Keyword marketing, social media, links, paid search – they all act as the ingredients to your icing. Without the icing, your cake will be plain and probably spongy. Although you might think you like the way that your cake tastes, others may not even blink an eye at it. This is why your business needs SEO icing.

Remember how I said at the beginning that SEO is constantly evolving and growing? Well, your competitors are aware of that as well. If you are not keeping up with one of the most valuable marketing tools that your business could invest in, your competitors are going to win.

If you are still wondering why your business needs SEO, you should know that in only a matter of years, everything that is not SEO will be a thing of the past. With the mass amounts of information technology we have in this day and age, the internet is expanding and search will be more important than ever.

Back to the cake – consider the top layer the content. A very form of content that is rising in popularity is videos. Your business needs SEO because you need to stay ahead of the times, and video content is only becoming more popular as we speak. It is not necessary to publish more content; however, you must have content, and it must be relevant to your site so it attracts the spike in business you are hoping for.

Do you want to keep your company relevant and stay up with the current trends? Then stop thinking of SEO as a cost, and instead as a business investment. Call Tandem today in order to start developing a SEO strategy in order to help you accomplish all of your digital marketing goals.