Study Your Competition to Improve SEO

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Improve Your SEO by Using Your Competition

Many digital marketing companies in South Florida will agree that the key to success could lie with your competition. Tandem Interactive shows you how to conduct competitive research online, so you can reach the top of page one.

Finding Your Biggest SEO Competition

The first step is to find out who your most successful competitors are and what they are doing for their online marketing in Fort Lauderdale. Who is beating you for the top spot? Whose map is above yours? Who shows up repeatedly during your searches? Using some keywords and local searches will help you answer these questions. You can also use online marking tools or let a company that focuses on search engine optimization in the Fort Lauderdale area do it for you.

Be careful. You want your SEO tactics to be long lasting. Look for stable competitors and do not practice any negative SEO tactics. As an experienced Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization agency, we could help you avoid those mistakes.

Analyzing Your Biggest SEO Competition

Once your most successful competitors are identified, it is time to do a competitive deep dive to look at their internet marketing strategies. There are a few questions that you will want to focus on to strengthen your own Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization strategy.

What Content Is Your Competitor Posting?

What kind of content has been successful for them? Who are they targeting? Going through their site can not only give you a valuable idea of what works, but can also inspire your own content.

What Keywords Does Your Competition Use?

Study your competition to get a better idea of what does and does not work, especially keywords where they have you beat. How is their keyword density? What keywords are the most successful? Are they using keywords you never thought of? Seeing how they use keywords will let you know what you should be looking into.

Backlinks can be an important factor in the ranking process. Are there potential backlinks you are missing? What types of sites are their backlinks coming from? Make sure you only look for reputable sites; poor backlinks could actually hurt you.

What Are Your Competition’s Social Media Habits?

Check out their social media habits. What posts are getting the most engagement? How frequently do they post? What social media channels do they use? Each of these answers can give you insight into what you should be doing on your own social media sites.

What Are They Doing Wrong?

Many people forget this part. Along with analyzing what your competition is doing well, pay attention to what they may not be doing well. If there is an area of the market that your competitor is neglecting, it may be the perfect opportunity to capitalize on it. Are they slacking in one of the areas mentioned above? Catch those sales that they are missing.

Let your competition lead you to these answers. Tandem Interactive is a digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale that can do the deep dive for you.  We will look at your biggest SEO competition and develop the best internet marketing strategies for your business.

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