Why are Google Search Quality Raters Important for Your Content?

The Importance of Google Search Quality Raters

These quality raters do not directly affect Google’s results. If they rank your site as low quality, you won’t be banned or lose rankings, but will impact Google’s search algorithms. As time goes on, the algorithms will affect low quality pages spotted by raters.

Google Search quality raters are contracted to evaluate the mega sites search results. These raters are assigned actual searches that happen on Google to look up and rate the quality of the pages that appear in the top results.

If you are selling a product or service direct to consumers or if you are asking for financial, legal or personal information from website visitors, your site must adhere to Google’s “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) Standards. The standards on these sites are much higher than sites that do not require personal information from the viewer as Google continues to work to evaluating authority on the web. According to Google’s 200+ page document of Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, “YMYL pages should come from reputable websites and the content should be created with a high level of expertise and authority.”

Our digital marketing agency team at Tandem work hard to ensure the content we product meets the Google Search Quality Raters standards. Whether it’s understanding YMYL Standards, building online reputations or creating quality content, we can help you meet Google’s standards.

There are a lot of clues that signal a bad website. Paul Macnamara spoke at PubCon Las Vegas 2017 and identified the following as bad site indicators for raters: obtrusive pop up on entry to the site, 7 highly obtrusive ad units, 3 ad units above the fold, 1 floating ad unit, 2 video units with autoplay, and Mobile interstitial. Avoiding ad pop ups all together is a good rule of thumb for your site. Your site needs to focus on quality content and SEO first and foremost.

Our SEO team helps develop content that people, not just search engine algorithms, will read. Length is not as important as the level of quality of your blog or site content. This will help Google’s Search quality raters give you high scores. Not sure if your content makes sense? Reading it aloud is always a good tactic.

How do you get noticed by Google Search quality raters? For one thing, make sure you have a clear contact page. It should be easy to find and highly visible on your site. Another tip is to showcase where you are featured on other online sites- news articles, blog posts, and more are all important and will be considered for your ranking. Google wants to identify experts in their field and have them come up in the top results for relevant searches. Their quality raters help them achieve that goal by feeding their search results and rankings to algorithms that will affect the results pages.

You can count on Tandem to stay up on the latest trends and rules for SEO and content marketing. We are here to help you successfully online reputation and brand.