Google’s BERT Algorithm and How It Impacts Your SEO Digital Marketing Efforts

What Does Google's BERT Update Mean?

Google’s BERT algorithm presents a new landscape for SEO digital marketing. Tandem gives you insight into how your business can take advantage of the new update.

In October of 2019, Google unveiled its new BERT language algorithm. Historically, Google has been better at interpreting numbers and hard data than natural language. The new algorithm improves this weakness by catering to the natural way that humans use language. The more nuanced way that Google sifts through information presents a lot of changes to businesses and their SEO digital marketing efforts. BERT stands for bidirectional encoder representative transformers. Essentially, the new algorithm combines many facets of language that humans use to make a more engaging experience for search engines. The new focus on natural language impacts businesses that operate in different states or countries greatly. For example, if you include the word “pop” into your content, Google will know how to rank your content based on geography. If someone searched for “pop” in the Midwest United States, pictures and articles related to Coca-Cola and Pepsi are more likely to appear in their results pages. If someone searched for the same thing in the South East, something completely different would appear in the result page. 

What BERT Means For Search Engine Optimization

The new update means that your business needs to continue making high-quality content. Now that Google is moving towards a more nuanced and natural approach to ranking their search queries, it is more important than ever to create content that accurately represents your brand. The days of making content that robotically focuses on fulfilling keyword and link requirements are coming to an end. If you own a small business that focuses on diet products, you should tailor your small business SEO tactics towards fulfilling questions and needs that your customers may have. 

Google’s primary focus has always been to provide the best user experience. The introduction of the new algorithm can be used for SEO digital marketing purposes to concentrate on a specific segment and its needs.

What BERT Means For Local SEO and Franchises

As previously mentioned, BERT means that more emphasis will be placed on the nuances of the local language. This represents a considerable impact on local and franchise SEO

Franchises typically operate across state lines, which means that users can adopt different words and speech patterns. Franchise owners need to know about the latest updates on digital marketing and search engine optimization to take advantage of digital marketing and search engine optimization. 

BERT impacts local SEO because of the emphasis that it places on the speech patterns and words used by local customers. Your content must tune in to the local customer base so you can form a better connection with them. This tells Google to place your content on search rankings because it is more likely to resonate with users.