How to Use Instagram Video for Business

How to Use Instagram Video for Business

Looking to reach a broader audience through your Instagram? You’ve come to the right place.

Your social media specialists here at Tandem have comprised these tips on how to effectively use Instagram video for your business. Instagram video has features and opportunities that many businesses are not taking advantage of, and they can highly increase your followers and the number of people you reach per post.

Instagram Stories are a very under-rated feature of the social media app. Live posts that last 24 hours offers up some great opportunity to engage with your followers, as well as the attention of a potentially new audience. Depending on your business, the live stories give you the opportunity to promote flash sales or promotions featuring discounts that will last for the duration of the post. Over time, this engagement will continuously occur due to followers automatically checking your story in hopes of a new deal they don’t want to miss.

Staff Introductions are a great way to use the Instagram stories feature to promote your employees. Believe it or not, the digital world, more specifically social media, is getting more personal as it continues to grow. Consumers want more than to know a company can do a good job. Getting personal with employee introductions on your story gives consumers the personal connection of letting them know who exactly is doing the work for them. It brings into light a more realistic feeling for consumers when they know exactly who is producing the product they are receiving.

Show your products! Describe them, show them being used, explain how they work, do what you can to fully promote the products that consumers will be receiving. Think of your Instagram story as your 24-hour billboard/commercial/YouTube clip, however you would like to think about it, take advantage of the opportunity to show your audience exactly what they are missing out on.

Takeover Recognition. Allow a familiar face to take over your Instagram account for the day providing live footage of them using your product throughout the day. In today’s world, you don’t have to pay huge amounts for a recognizable face to promote your product on television. You can reach millions of people through a single post. Don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars if it will only benefit you in the long run.

Timeline Videos offer the opportunity to promote your best products in use through a minute-long video. These do not have to be live videos. Take your time on these and create a masterpiece of amazing footage jam-packed with information during the long 60 seconds that you have. It may not seem like it, but 60 seconds is way longer than you think. You will have enough time to create a commercial, DIY video or anything you can think of to promote your business.

There is a multitude of opportunities that you can take advantage of with Instagram videos. Don’t expect to go viral and gain a huge following with one post. Consistency in building a page is just as important as using all the features an app has to offer. Engage, stay consistent and promote your business on the way to a successful Instagram page.