How to Increase Online Sales With Google Ads

How to Increase Online Sales With Google Ads

Using Google Ads is advantageous for businesses who look to drive qualified traffic to their website while they are searching for products and services like the ones you offer.

Google Ads is a digital marketing tool that falls under the PPC (pay-per-click) umbrella. PPC marketing for businesses allows them to reserve advertisements on Google and later pay for them if the user clicks the link. 

Through Google Ads, businesses like yours can share advertisements with their target audience. In other words, when customers search for the product or service you offer, your business will show up on their search results. The article below will explore some reasons that Google Ads should be a mainstay in any digital marketing campaign for the business. 

Considering Google is the most popular search engine on the planet, being able to place targeted advertisements to your potential customers on this platform with millions of users is a no-brainer. Below, we will review some ways that your business can maximize the efficiency of your Google Ad campaigns.

Using the Right Keywords

Google Ads works by bidding on keywords that your customers are inputting into search engines. Testing and modifying keywords is an important part of crafting PPC marketing campaigns for business. If you find that certain combinations of keywords perform better with your customers than others, you could start implementing them in your digital marketing strategy. This could be done by adding and removing keywords until you find something that works. 

Running Relevant Ads

PPC marketing campaigns need to be relevant to what your customers are searching for. Your headline and ad copy need to match the keywords that your business has bid on, along with the advertisement being relevant to what your customer needs. This ensures that your advertising budget is used for the most effective advertisements.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are where users complete a conversion. A conversion is a term used to describe when a customer completes a desired action. This desired action could be completing a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, setting a meeting up, etc. 

Since landing pages are where consumers usually pay for something, they are closely related to the effectiveness of advertisements. Landing pages are also where users end up after they click your advertisement they see on Google, which makes it important for the landing page to be consistent with your advertisement. 

The easiest way to achieve consistency between your landing pages and Google advertisements is by using the same combination of keywords and answering the same needs that your advertisements did. The key is in making the transition from the search results to the landing page as unnoticed as possible. 

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