Optimizing Your Website for Google in a Foreign Country

Get some help optimizing your website for Google in a foreign country from digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, Tandem Buzz.

As with all aspects of SEO, paying attention to the basics pays off. Just as you would do if you were working on your local SEO, when you work outside of your home country and language, you have to build your site with Google algorithm-friendly architecture. It is important to load it with relevant and captivating content and attract inbound links from authoritative websites. When optimizing your website for Google in a foreign country, keep these overseas SEO tactics in your repertoire.

1. Construct a country-specific website architecture.

Any successful SEO strategy starts with search-friendly website architecture. This is just as important for your foreign language sites that are set as your home site. Our local search team at Tandem Interactive explains that you can not rank well or receive traffic that converts if you have not been properly optimizing your website for targeting other countries.

Duplicate content can filter you out of the Google index. If you are using content that is written in the same language, when optimizing your website it is important to be sure to map each specific to its intended country in your Google Webmaster Tools account. You must also obtain high quality links from each country to its targeted content to direct intended users.

2. When optimizing your website, use your target audience’s language.

It is the best practice to write content in the language of your intended audience. This may seem obvious, but even in countries where the official language is English, local vocabulary is a variable. This is sometimes complicated for Spanish, French, or German sites, since there are significant and confusing differences in the local versions of these languages.

The language on your website sends strong signals to Google about where it should be displayed in the search results. When optimizing your website, be sure to avoid using page templates that default to English content when no local language content is available. Keep in mind, only providing English content to foreign language readers will cause you to fall short of communicating in the language of your customers and reduces the effectiveness of your marketing.

3. Acquire links from the country you are targeting.

For all of your offshore domains, the most effective links are ones from high quality sites in the individual countries that you are targeting. Without these links, Google will determine where to show your website based upon the domain name, language, and Google Webmaster Tools mapping. However, if the language is the same on both sites from different countries, a significant indicator is needed to signal Google. Your ranking and visibility is also better with added indicators such as .fr domain and .ar domain.