SEO for Franchise Marketing

Tandem specializes in SEO for franchise marketing and other digital marketing services to help increase business for your franchise. Learn about our SEO services for franchise marketing here.


Why Do I Need SEO in Franchise Marketing?

When a prospective customer searches for your service in any search engine like Google or Bing, they have an idea in mind that they are ready and willing to see a page that offers exactly what they’re searching for. At Tandem, our goal is to push your business information higher and higher in the search engine results until you’re at the top, the number one spot.


Usually, someone searches for something they want to find the answer to on the internet. The first page of results from Google comes up, the user reads through the titles and snippets of the first few results, and if they can’t find what they’re interested in within just a few moments, the search query is retyped and reworded so a different set of results (preferably the ones they’re looking for) appear. The user finds what they’re searching for, and considers each company taking up real estate on the first page. Without SEO for franchise marketing or other online marketing strategies for your company, the results of your competitors are trumping your online presence and stealing your prospective leads.


Leveraging your online presence with a team that specializes in digital marketing for franchises gives your business the opportunity to appear as a result for almost 5 billion searches on Google every single day.

Quality SEO Services
for Franchises

As you’re busy building your business, we’re busy building your digital presence. SEO for franchise marketing includes various tactics such as years of experience and keeping up with the latest online marketing trends to help produce business conversions.


Our SEO team analyzes each and every page of your website, from the front end to the back end. In order to outrank your competition, we work in tandem with you (get it?) to develop an SEO strategy dedicated to the goals of your brand. Our exceptional SEO strategies and techniques will ensure that your business and consumer ideals are aligned.


We offer high-quality content recognized by SERPs, improved web structure, keyword analysis, Google My Business optimizations, link building and citation services, and detailed reporting.


Team Tandem
working for you

If you’re a franchise owner, or even the owner of a local business with multiple locations, you’re currently competing with so many growing brands just like you, now more than ever. You’re not only competing for business but search engine visibility as well. The SEO experts at Tandem emphasize the importance of web presence and search engine optimization is to your franchise. When it comes to SEO for franchise marketing, we know a thing or two that will not only improve your rankings in search engine results but also drive more business straight into your doors.

Additional Digital Marketing for Franchises

We are well-rounded at Tandem – we specialize in much more than just SEO. We offer PPC for franchises, as well as social media services, brand reputation management, email marketing, e-commerce, and more. If you’re looking to expand your SEO franchise opportunities, contact a member of our SEO team at our premier marketing agency today!

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