How To Use COVID-19 In Your SEO Content Strategy

How To Use COVID-19 In Your SEO Content Strategy

While the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the entire planet and many economies, businesses could look at the glass half full to a certain extent by leveraging this pressing historical event into their search engine optimization strategy.

With COVID-19 being such a high-demand topic, your potential customers take to search engines to discover more about the virus and how it impacts them. The effects of the pandemic have left many of your potential customers wondering about your business’s protocols, when they open, or how the product that you sell could defend them from the virus. As you could probably imagine, making sure that your business appears on all business-related COVID-19 searches can create an immense amount of traffic and qualified leads streaming into your website. Below, we will detail how a company could leverage COVID-19 into its SEO content strategy

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Search Traffic?

COVID-19 and the restrictions that followed translated to increased internet use thanks to people being more confined to their homes than ever. More internet use leads to more people going on search engines, reading about their favorite topics, researching the products and services that interest them, and even making purchases. This increased internet use means plenty of demand and opportunity for creating an SEO content strategy that speaks to your consumers.

How Can I Leverage COVID-19 In My SEO Content Strategy?

As mentioned before, many people are flooding search engines with COVID-19 related searches. These searches represent the perfect opportunity for businesses to create content related to the pandemic while providing something of value for searchers. For example, cleaning services can take advantage of the newfound appreciation for mass sanitation to create content that details how their cleaning service responds to the pandemic and how their cleaning methods are proven to sanitize an environment. Businesses like these should be keen to use COVID-19 related search terms in their content to rank for the high demand that the search term is experiencing.

An SEO content strategy that leverages information about COVID-19 can be beneficial for small businesses because people are becoming more willing to support small businesses during this trying time. Small businesses that create relevant content are considered more trustworthy and authoritative than their counterparts, who do not upload high-quality and relevant content. This trust is hard to replicate and can result in plenty of repeat customers. Some time-tested strategies for improving your SEO efforts include:

  • Writing evergreen content (perpetually relevant content)
  • Conducting a site audit
  • Leveraging keyword research tools to figure out which ones to use (a mix of COVID related and other terms is best)
  • Create a Google My Business (GMB) Listing to boost local search presence and local SEO strategies for small businesses
  • Refresh old content to reflect modern times

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