The Power of Structured Data for Local SEO

Structured Data: The Power for Local SEO

Curious on how to harness the power of structured data for local SEO opportunities?

At Tandem Buzz, our marketing experts in Fort Lauderdale are pros when it comes to harnessing the power of structured data for local SEO. As any digital marketer should know, GMB and local search are much more than simply just Google Maps marketing and posting a couple of Google My Business posts, it is about consistently ensuring your website is friendly for both the user, the search engines, and the thousands of baby Google algorithms that surround it! A great way to boost rankings in local areas is by using the power of structured data for local SEO opportunities. By using local schemas, we are able to provide the recipe of data to search engine crawlers with clear instructions on what we would like to appear in the SERPs. 


Sounds too good to be true right? Here is how our agency for online marketing, Fort Lauderdale uses structured data and schema markups for local search engine optimization! 

How to Use Schema Markup for Local SEO 

Structured data and schema markup for local SEO can help search engines, such as Google and Bing, understand specific parts of the content. If done correctly structured data for local SEO will take parts of the content and publish them on the search engine response page through rich results! 


Rich results that are generated by Google use structured data in a variety of ways. Google manipulates the results to have different elements in the SERPs and how they render, depending on the type of page and schema used. 


Structured data for local SEO is not limited by any vertical or industry, with over 800 @Types of schema markup on schema.org the possibility of adding structured data to a local business are endless. Our local SEO specialists recommend that when starting with a local data markup, try and answer the most basic questions about your business and pick a schema that helps highlight that information. 


Who You Are Increase Brand Awareness LocalBusiness



Where You AreIncrease Lead Opportunities Product



What You Do Increase Local TrafficLocalBusiness




How Do You Know if Your Schema Is Working? 

Before implementing your data markup be sure to test it through one of the following structured validating tools to ensure it qualifies for rich results.  

  • Schema.org Validator
  • Rich Results Tests
  • Bing URL Inspector
  • Yandex Validator
  • JSON-LD Playground


If you are not sure how to track your structured data for local SEO, be sure to track the implementation date within Google Search Console. Using the enhancements report you can see what Google is tracking and viewing. 


It is important to note that Google Search Console does not track all elements BUT it will track active data markups. 

Why is Structured Data Important for SEO? 

Although structured data for local SEO is not considered a ranking factor, it does offer huge benefits like increased user experience and additional real estate in the SERPs. The impact structured data for local SEO has on the search engine response page allows users to access parts of the website that are enabled by Google-rich results. Providing SEO specialists the ability to add scripts from a website and having Google showcase the content for increased visibility and real estate in the SERPS. 

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency for Local SEO 

At Tandem Buzz, our hive are experts when it comes to search engine optimization, Fort Lauderdale on both a local and national scale. No matter what vertical or industry you may be in, we have just the right digital marketing services to ensure your business is ranking above the competition in the SERPs. 

We offer PPC management as well as creative services in South Florida that pair perfectly with all types of SEO efforts! There is no better way to full circle your digital marketing efforts than with an agency with your best interest in mind. Contact us today to learn more and be sure to ask your specialist what data markup for local SEO would work best for your business!