How Local SEO Works: Understanding the Google Map Packs

How it Works: Local SEO

Let our SEO specialists in Fort Lauderdale break down how to use your Google My Business listings to land on the Google Map Packs.

The secret behind local search optimization and understanding how local SEO works starts with learning how the local search algorithm works. Local SEO is implemented much differently than regular search engine optimization. To be a part of the local SEO ball game, you must first have a Google My Business (GMB) listing. 

Any business with a physical location in which customers can visit to purchase goods or services can create a Google My Business listing and be involved in the Google Map Pack. Our online marketing team in Fort Lauderdale are pros at getting businesses in the Google Map Pack and Google Local Map Pack for years! Here is our insight to help you understand how local SEO works and how we can help you stand out from the competition on search engine response pages. 

How Local SEO Works

Google has many different algorithms in which it ranks websites, Google My Business Listings, review sites, and more. Our local SEO specialists in Fort Lauderdale are trained to learn what is different and how to get our clients’ businesses to target the right audiences. 

Targeting the right audience through local search engine optimization comes with perks, including that your business lands on Google Map Packs, local finder, and Google Maps. You can only do a localized organic search such as this if you have a firm understanding of how local SEO works and you know which optimizations to implement. 

Getting on the Local Map Pack and Google Maps 

Local SEO is based on Google Maps marketing which is much more complicated than other SEO algorithms. It includes additional signals that are completely based on relevance, prominence, and proximity. Local SEO is much more difficult as it is said to work vertically, and what might work with one city may not work with another. Every audience within cities searches differently, and you must adapt your local SEO to how your city thinks and operates online. 


As a part of the Google Local Map Pack, Google Maps is about how you market your Google My Business Listing and website. The Google My Business Listing itself plays the largest role in the local search algorithm, while reviews play the second largest role. Here are other factors within a GMB to be mindful of when optimizing for the Google Local Map Pack and Google Maps:

  • On-page optimizations
  • Inbound Links
  • Behavioral optimizations
  • Citations
  • Personalization 

Finding Help for Your Google My Business Listings

At Tandem.Buzz, we can help you optimize your websites and GMB listing for the Google Local Map Pack, Google Maps, and more! If you have a brick-and-mortar business, consider having your Google My Business listing optimized and reap the benefits of our PPC management in Fort Lauderdale, too! Contact us today to learn more!