Spam Fighting: How to Identify Fake Reviews

Identifying Fake Reviews

What is spam fighting and why is it so important to local search? Here is how our marketing team identifies fake reviews and takes down spammy competitors!

There is nothing like the impact positive and negative reviews have on a business and that is why at Tandem.Buzz our marketing experts in Fort Lauderdale are constantly conducting maintenance on our clients’ online business reviews. We do this by searching for both good and bad customer reviews but specifically looking to identify fake reviews and have them reported to Google’s Product Experts. 


Our agency focuses on online marketing, Fort Lauderdale, and has realized that in today’s digital age there is a huge issue with spam fighting and competitors buying fake reviews to harm their digital reputation. With increased accessibility, it has never been easier for companies to purchase fake reviews. But why? What is the point of buying fake reviews online? 

Why Do Competitors Buy Reviews? 

Through Google Maps marketing our marketing team has found that there are two main reasons competitors buy reviews. That is: to bury their own negative reviews or to rank higher in local search. 


Nonetheless, people that are following bad practice marketing tactics will always be found one way another. Here is how our team of marketers identify fake reviews and how we take down spammy competitors! 

Why is Spam Fighting So Important? 

Modern-day spam-fighting in marketing is 80% based on identifying specific keywords and duplicate listings on Google My Business. Competitors will spam GMB with embedded keywords and cities that aren’t accurate. So the first step to spam-fighting is to observe distance in category diversity. Taking an overview, look at the distances between the reviews and look at the categories used. 


Another great way to identify fake reviews is to take a look at different review pods, these are groups of two or people writing reviews for two or more of the same companies. Could it be a coincidence? Are the reviewers using similar language? Observe review pods and try to see if there are similarities in the review groups. 


Our SEO specialists in South Florida recommend always documenting all findings and information found. This helps with cross-referencing information and keeping it all aligned for when it comes to reporting fake reviews to Google.  


Think of the type of content used when it comes to identifying fake reviews on Google My Business. If you have 150 reviews, then in hindsight you should have 150 unique authors. Here are some key points in content to be mindful of when spam fighting: 

  • Look for similar writing styles
  • Repetitive slang
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Phrase repetition 

Taking Down Spammy Competitor Reviews 

Now that we know how to identify fake reviews, it’s time to take down our spammy competitors! The Google My Business Community is incredibly helpful when it comes to spam fighting. Once you have collected all your evidence visit Google Support for “fake reviews” and add all research and findings in the Describe & Post section. Google Product Experts will take the time to review your findings and help assist you in taking down the fake reviews found!  

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