Using Google Drive to Organize Your Social Media Content

Using Google Tools for Your Social Media Plan

Improve your team's overall workflow by incorporating a file storage service like Google Drive to do the heavy lifting while your team members come up with the big ideas.

South Florida marketing firm, Tandem knows the cloud based workplace has changed the game for shared content creation and organization. Google Drive, a file storage service, is one of the best systems designed for shared content creation.

Within each Folder, including subfolders, you have the ability create documents which contains your content. All of which is accessible by your team members which have permission to access them. One of the most important factors to consider when using Google Drive is the ability to create a calendar for all team members to view and edit. As an admin of your content, you can give your team access to content in three forms:


  • Read Only
    • Team members can view the content but cannot make any changes or leave comments.
  • Comment Only
    • Team members can view and comment on content, but cannot make changes.
  • Edit
    • All members have permission to make changes where they see fit.

When sharing content with your team, the best option to use is a folder system. Rather than individually granting permission to specific items within the content, you simply grant permission however you see fit to the folder in its entirety. If additional documents are dropped into the folder, the permissions for that folder is automatically applied to that document.

Additionally, within each folder you can create subfolders. Subfolders then can obtain their own permissions. For example, team member one may have permission to edit subfolder one, but not subfolder two. Whereas team member two has permission to edit subfolder two, but not subfolder one.

Google Drive is mobile friendly. The app works perfect with any smartphone, and gives its users the ability to upload in real time, and on the go. Any content regarding social accounts can be shared immediately with your team through the cloud. One of the best things about cloud based workplaces like Google Drive: no memory is used on your mobile device. All information is stored in the cloud which is easily accessible to your whole team.

Additional tip for social media organization: make use of calendars! They’re a huge asset for:


  • Staying Consistent with Your Posts
    • Post frequency and consistency, connects you more to your audience because they learn when they can expect your posts to be available.
  • Mapping Out Time Sensitivity
    • Whether its contests, holidays, events, most time sensitive posts can be planned on the calendar to ensure proper posting time.
  • Serves as a Reference of Content Records
    • When using a calendar, it creates a system of records by itself. It can be used in the future to refer to a date or to see which content was already used.
  • Enforces you Maintain Your Social Media Content Rules of Posting (4-1-1 Rule/5-3-2 Rule)
    • Calendars also ensure that you maintain your format of social rule posts. Depending on which you use, your calendar will be a reference to help you stay on track with which post is scheduled to be posted next and to prevent content topic repetition.

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