Why Every Business Needs a Social Media Strategy

Do I Really Need a Social Media Strategy?

Learn how creating and implementing a strategic social media strategy for your business can help drive growth, ROI, and client engagement.

Social Media Today

The world we live in today looks and operates quite differently than it did 10 years ago. In today’s world, social media is the way in which individuals communicate, create, make purchases, and learn.

However, social media platforms are not just for individuals; companies of any size can maximize their potential and grow their business using social networks as well. Here are the facts:



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With 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide, the likelihood of reaching your audience on these platforms is extremely high. In addition, some newer social media trends have given businesses greater opportunities to reach and interact with customers. The Internet is where individuals are talking about your brand, sharing their experiences, and making purchases. If your business does not adapt to this new way of communication and customer interaction, it faces the harsh reality of getting left behind.


Why Use Social Media for Your Business?

When most people say “social media,” many think about the 10 cat videos they scrolled past on their Facebook feed. While this a reality for many people on their personal pages, social media for your business can be a valuable tool to not only reach more customers, but to build brand loyalty.


Better Communication

Social media has changed the way in which companies do business, how consumers make purchases, and how businesses communicate with their customers. In the past, traditional media only allowed for one-way communication between the company and the consumer. The customer would see an ad, evaluate his or her options by comparing the service or product to similar ones on the market, decide whether or not to buy the good, and be on his or her merry way.

Social media has optimized this process for both the consumer and businesses by allowing for effective two-way communication between both parties. When individuals have the opportunity to speak directly with brands, it creates a feeling of trust and that the company actually cares about its customers. As a result, the customer develops brand loyalty and is therefore more inclined to make repeat purchases from your company, thus maximizing your company’s ROI on that customer.


Stronger Connections

As stated before, billions of internet users are active on social media platforms. In 2014, customers complained about brands 879 million times on social media. Customers have been talking about brands and businesses way before the creation of social networking sites, but their voice only reached so many. Now, these networking sites have given individuals the ability to share their opinions with billions of people all over the world. Why not take the opportunity to be a part of the conversation, to tell your side of the story, or to acknowledge and show appreciation to your customers?


Brand Advocates

Word of mouth has always been the number one way for companies to advertise and gain more business. The fact of the matter is that people trust people – not brands. As a society, we have become almost numb to traditional ads, as they are forced in our face every second of every day. Individuals tend to make stronger purchasing decisions when a friend, family member, or a peer provides some sort of insight or recommendation. Social media platforms are the ultimate form of word of mouth. One brand advocate can share their opinions with millions of potential consumers in seconds across the internet.

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