How to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

If you aren’t on social media (or if your social profiles are seriously slacking), you’re going to have a hard time gaining the brand recognition you’re striving for amongst the millions of users on the web. People all over the world spend the majority of their phone usage time on social media apps. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube are some of the most common ways people are discovering new content. While brands leverage social media to promote their products and services, engagement is key. Below are some tips for improving your social media engagement so your brand can drive conversions, sales, and best of all, trust.

Tips for Increasing Social Media Engagement

Ask Questions and Provide Answers

Having Q&A sessions is a great way to provide your followers with value. If the information you’re providing is helpful, you’ll ultimately gain their trust. Because we live in a world where people want instant gratification, being able to engage on social media and answer customer questions at the drop of a dime will put you one step ahead of the competition. Also, asking your followers and fans questions gives them a chance to provide their insight, showing that, as a brand, you care about consumers’ needs.

Show That You Can Relate to Your Followers

Instead of talking about your business on every post, talk about your industry in a way so people can relate to it. Instead of forcing a promotion for your company, act as if you’re informing or having a friendly conversation with them.

Repost and Reply to Customers and Followers

Reposting content from customers makes them feel great about themselves – that’s a no-brainer! Have you ever posted and tagged a brand name in hopes that they’d recognize you with a response or even a re-post? By simply re-sharing posts from followers, you’re gaining exposure and sparking more engagement on your social profiles. This can lead to many others posting about your brand in attempts to be recognized by you, too!

Have a Sense of Humor

Chipotle and Wendy’s on Twitter are the perfect examples of humorous posts to entertain followers and increase social media engagement. By staying casual and using relatable humor in your posts, you’re sure to rack up the number of shares your posts are receiving.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Offering your followers something in return for following directions is a fun way to reward them and show that you’re engaging with the community. Giving your customers an incentive, like getting something for free or for a discount, raises brand awareness and ultimately attracts more customers to your social profiles and website.

Post Frequently and Keep Up with the Latest Trends

One of Google’s ranking factors is how “fresh” your content is. If your website and your social media profiles have fresh and up-to-date content, you’re going to boost your organic rankings, as well as your social media engagement. You’re also showing that you’re active in the social community, continuing to show involvement on a daily basis.

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