How to Create a Social Media Calendar

Calendars are a must for a well-organized life and for well-organized social media accounts.

Posting, tagging, liking, following – all of these are key functions of social media. For SEO and other marketers, there’s one aspect of social media which stands above the rest: information gathering. In an age where knowledge can be accessed with a single tap, people go to few other venues to get information.

Considering this, social media has become an integral part of SEO and marketing. Don’t let your company fall to the wayside or be swallowed up by the numberless other marketed platforms on social media. To ensure that you stay on top of your social media marketing, the professionals at Tandem suggest you create a social media calendar.

Creating a social calendar is easy as using an Excel template, and it allows you to maintain your social media sites without becoming consumed by them.

To start, simply find out what’s popular within your field. Look through social media platforms to see what others are posting, commenting, or tweeting about. It might be some new movie which doesn’t apply to your restaurant. On the other hand, it could be a unique food trend taking NYC by storm, which would be perfect to use for your restaurant’s social media sites. Figure out the fads, and then use them.

Before implementing these concepts into content, there are a few more things to do. To set up your SEO social media calendar, figure out the platforms you want to use. Utilize sites on which you find your consumers going to. A younger audience of consumers would be more likely to use Instagram than Facebook, for instance.

After that, you must then map out how often each site needs to be posted on. Constant Contact came out with a framework for posting on social media sites: for Facebook, post 3-10 times per week; on Twitter, tweet or comment at least 5 times a day; and on LinkedIn, be active 2-5 times a week.

Once you have the social media sites determined, along with the frequency in which you will post, start to compile a calendar template.

You can use Microsoft Excel or other similar sites, just make sure to begin with a simple, bare layout. Once you have that, you can fill in which sites should be used on which days of the week.

Finally, you can start on content. Create a few core ideas to be posted about, drawing back on the trending topics you discovered in the first place. Fashion your content to fit the social media platform, as well, while making sure that it sticks to what you’re trying to market.

With just a few simple actions, you have your very own social media calendar. Just remember, don’t schedule too far in advance. Trends change, so content and calendars should, too.

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