How to Freshen Up Your Brand With a Social Media Audit

Notes from Pubcon Las Vegas 2019

While following the social media track at Pubcon Las Vegas, I noticed a similar theme that really struck me as valuable and important throughout this week. That is, whether you work on the brand side, agency side, or as an entrepreneur, it’s time to check in with your accounts and schedule a social media audit. Lisa Buyer, President and CEO of The Buyer Group, broke down her 12 Steps for Conducting a Successful Social Media Audit at Pubcon.

Why Are Social Media Audits Important?

Social media audits provide you with valuable insight into what’s working, what’s not working, and how to keep your brand on top. When you’re working on a day-to-day basis, keeping up with your posting schedule as well as industry trends and algorithm updates, some of us may forget to take a step back and look at how we’re actually performing across the board.

Refer to Your Brand House

Your brand house should be at the center of every creative and strategic decision for your brand. This is where your mission statement, philosophy, values, brand persona, and creative elements live. So make sure the bones of your house are still standing and are true to your brand! Check-in with your persona and brand voice.

Have a persona review with your team. Add insights, interests and more details to make each persona as real and authentic as possible.” – Lisa Buyer

Conduct a Competitive Review

How many times are your competitors posting on Facebook each month? What do their creative components look like on Instagram? How is their content and ad copy? These are all questions you should ask yourself when crafting your social media audit. A great piece of advice Lisa suggested was to write a headline summing up what you think about each of your competitors’ strategies from both a qualitative and quantitative standpoint.

Audit Your Channels Step By Step

To simplify your auditing process (and to avoid a headache), follow a simple checklist that you can apply to each channel. During Lisa’s session, she provided her own checklist that you can follow:

1. Page/profile optimization

  • Make sure all aspects of your profile are updated
  • Use relevant keywords within your copy


2. Cover and profile image use

  • Do these images represent your brand?
  • Take advantage & create a unique cover photo or video
  • Try to avoid excessive stock imagery


3. Visual assets

  • Check in with your creative department
  • Should your graphics be refreshed or updated?


4. Video optimization

  • Title, description, tags, playlists, etc.


5. Frequency and timing

  • Are you posting at optimal times when the majority of your followers are online?


6. Content mix

  • Are you providing an array of content for your followers? (i.e., sharing industry-related news, blogs, videos?)


Although this is just the tip of the iceberg when you’re conducting a social media audit, it can provide your brand with tremendous value and help increase your overall growth. Our social media team at Tandem Interactive understands the importance of leveraging social media audits as a means to expand and build your brand.