Tips for Link Building for a New Business

What is Linking Building and Why Your Business Needs It

Link acquisition is a very touchy SEO practice that can either benefit or harm your company's SERP rankings. Be sure to do your research in order to learn the best techniques especially for new businesses.

For those who do not know, not all links are created equal. Take picking a restaurant for example. Before choosing which restaurant to go to with you friends, you always make sure to do a brief research. Whether you ask other people for their opinions or go online to read reviews about the food, you take your mission of looking for a great restaurant seriously. The same mindset goes for link building for a new business: one does not simply want to obtain hundreds of different sorts of links without thinking it through first.


  • Mentioned previously, when you think about a restaurant you usually ask someone if they have been there before. When link building for a new business, you want to know if others have already visited the site you want to link back to. This way, you know if the site receives constant traffic. Make sure the site is reputable, with a high domain authority before considering linking to it.


  •  Have you ever used stars to rate a restaurant when writing a review? There is a SEO tool similar to the five stars, only in this case, it is used for websites. This rating system is called the domain authority. Known as DA, it was developed by Moz to helps to get a better idea of how well a website will rank on search engines. Why is this helpful for a new business? This is what is going to help your SEO agency in Fort Lauderdale determine if they want a link back to your business from a website. When it comes to ratings, chances are you are going to want to go to those restaurants that are close to the five start rating and have received great written reviews. When it comes to choosing websites to link back to, it is a better tactic to try and link to those that have higher domain authority, this way your backlinks will hold a greater weight on your website.


  • Another way of choosing which websites to select when link building for a new business is to consider the resources. What kind of resource is the website in which you wish to link to? There are some negative things said about linking to directories, yet there are strong search directories like Yelp, the Yellow pages, etc. When linking to these types of directories, your new business should gain greater backlinks, which will increase your website’s ranking on search engines. Depending on what services or products your new business will be offering, your SEO agency in Fort Lauderdale will look into websites that are associated with what your business is all about. You will be setting yourself up in a location that your client base already visits. This way they will be able to see your new company and all it has to offer.