Linking Building Wins with Moz Pro’s Link Intersect Tool

In any great digital marketing strategy, there must be a link building plan. Link building, or link acquisition, is the process of earning links through authoritative and reputable sites. You can gain links through outreach, free directories, business directories, social media networking, and more.

One link building method you should use is a backlink tool to gain your competitor’s backlinks. Unsure about the best backlink tools to use for your company? Don’t worry, our digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale is here to share everything you need to know about Moz’s Link Intersect tool.

The Undervalued Link Building Tool

Meet Moz’s Link Intersect tool, the tool that could potentially increase your overall brand awareness and organic traffic. The Link Intersect tool, in Link Explorer of Moz, combines link index with link prospecting tools. In Moz, you can scroll through an assortment of your competitors’ links to find potential opportunities. More and more people choose to steal their competitors’ links because, with tools like Link Intersect, it makes finding great backlinks easier than ever before.

Gaining backlinks is one of the oldest and most popular link building techniques. You simply use tools like Link Intersect to identify your competitors’ backlinks that are pointing to their sites. Compare the pages and determine whether one of your website’s pages would be a good fit and potential resource for the backlink. If you determine your site has a good page that could act as a resource, then you implement an outreach strategy. During outreach, you find the proper contact and explain why your page would be a good resource for them and why they should include your link in their content in hopes of gaining a backlink.

How to Use Moz’s Link Intersect

Here are a few steps to help you use Moz’s Link Intersect tool, outlined by our dedicated Fort Lauderdale SEO company.

  1. Start by using the newest Link Intersect, not the older Open Site Explorer. The newer version on the Link Explorer page is a giant index of 30 trillion links.
  2. Choose a company that might be one of your competitors in the search bar.
  3. Copy and paste the site’s URL into the search bar and hit analyze. Choose the root domain option to ensure you are searching the whole site rather than a sub-section of it.
  4. You have the option to select to view the links as domains or pages. Select the option that works best for your digital marketing strategy. Choose pages if you are searching for resource pages, or if you are looking for multiple competitors, select the domains option.
  5. The Link Intersect tool will now generate pages or domains by prioritizing pages that are linked to multiple competitors.


Moz’s Link Intersect tool utilizes the power of link indexing to find competitor backlinks. This completely redesigned feature of trillions of results is available for your digital marketing strategy and to find competitor backlinks with the help of Link Intersect. Reaching out to companies and finding link opportunities is easier than ever before. Go ahead and try it out for yourself. If you are still unsure how to implement Moz’s Link Intersect, check out our SEO services. Build a better campaign today with the help of our organic search specialist. Contact us today to increase your brand awareness and increase traffic.


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