The Psychology of an SEO Strategy

How SEO Can Influence Your Customers

In order to target your desired audience you need to understand how they search and why so you can met their needs. Analyzing the psychology of an SEO strategy can help tail your marketing efforts in the right direction to your target consumers.

At the surface, SEO might seem like it’s all backlinks, content writing, and algorithms. However, the strategies used by the Search Engine Optimization team at Tandem prove this is not the case. One may be surprised to learn that integrating psychology in an SEO strategy can elevate your online marketing substantially.

Psychology is defined as the “scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. Studying the mental characteristics or attitude of a person or group.”

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

So, how are these two concepts related in the slightest? Both psychology and SEO seek to understand the needs, nature, tendencies, and intent of human beings. Both practices depend on the ability to understand who people truly are, and how they think. Using psychology in an SEO strategy allows your marketing team to map out consumer behavior before it happens.

A psychologist aims to understand a person’s background, issues, needs, and personal approach to meeting those needs. Effective marketing does the same. For successful SEO, your marketing team needs to be in tune with the following factors:


  • Human behavior
  • Geographical needs
  • Why people search for things
  • What people are searching for
  • Who is searching for specific products
  • What time of year they will be conducting their search query
  • What words they will choose to construct their search query

SEO uses the art of psychology to determine what people consider important. Everything your website displays is going to either attract the target audience or quickly turn them away. Psychologists and SEO strategists know people want to feel important, and they want to feel valued. People don’t want to feel like another number to your company. A solid SEO strategy is suggestive, not “salesy”. If done correctly, overtime your business will rank higher in search engine results. Not only does being listed at the top of those results direct tons of traffic to your site, but it instills trust in your consumers, and creates a sense of worthiness and importance of the company – all characteristics that humans value.

Understanding the forces that shape the behavior of your consumer can help you learn how to effectively reach out to them.  A marketing team and a business owner need to work together to identify who their target audience is, then develop a profile for that audience to better understand them. Identifying patterns in your audience’s backgrounds and motivations helps you to cater both your marketing strategy and your product to fit their needs. Your SEO campaign must research the sociological factors of your potential consumers, and understand that people in one community behave differently than those of another community due to sociological and environmental factors.

The south Florida marketing team and SEO strategists at Tandem seek to understand the living circumstances, the financial situations, and the hobbies of those you’re interested in attracting. SEO uses the art of psychology to understand the issues your prospective buyers are facing, so they can produce content that provides them with actionable takeaways.

While Google’s algorithm updates are in a constant pursuit to deliver on exactly what humans are searching for, SEO strategists that employ psychological tools continue to have the upper hand. Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency leaves no room for missed opportunities in your SEO strategy.