Storytelling in Marketing

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Storytelling is a useful tool for marketing and developing a brand. Authentic storytelling in marketing is a great way to engage customers.

“Facts tell, but stories sell.” – Bryan Eisenberg, an internationally recognized professional marketing keynote speaker on how storytelling in marketing helps consumers to establish a personal connection with a brand.

The world of marketing and advertising is constantly evolving, but a tradition as old as storytelling remains powerful in the industry. Known as the oldest form of passing knowledge, storytelling is now a major marketing strategy used by agencies such as Tandem Interactive. This method gives your brand life, bridging the cold gap between business and humanity.

Storytelling might sound like something you did as a kid around a campfire with your friends, but you may not realize just how present storytelling is in everyday life, as the love for storytelling continues into adulthood. Storytelling helps people to manage the chaos and confusion they are faced with on a daily basis; it teaches valuable lessons, it gives people hope, and it helps people to relate to one another.

Companies use content on their website to engage online consumers, but mindless content can be ineffective, as it is sometimes boring or useless. As a brand, you have to identify what makes people feel passionate. Using storytelling in marketing for your brand appeals to human emotion, allowing you to be in tune with what your customer cares about. A good story can provoke emotional investment in the reader, changing the way they feel, think, act, and behave. Stories are picked up, passed on, and shared from one person to another. Telling stories, rather than just hitting people with the cold hard facts of your company, allows visitors to connect with you and your brand. Connection is all about trust, transparency, and relevance. Consumers will connect with your company when they connect with your emotional promise to stand for something greater. Businesses should be using storytelling in marketing to their advantage. When done correctly, content tells a story that puts your brand in the hearts and minds of readers.

Danny Devrient, a marketing keynote speaker said, “Good content brings stories to the consumer, with information he can use, discuss, share, and comment. Stories are social at the core, and we are all constantly looking for those stories that bring answers to the questions of our everyday lives.”

Storytelling in marketing is a major tool for achieving growth for your company. How does Tandem Interactive find your story?

Every story needs its basic elements: a backstory, a conflict, what’s at stake, and a resolution with a call to action. This story, surfacing on different platforms such as blogs, videos, and social media, will inspire some sort of change – drawing consumers to invest in your brand.

Our team at Tandem Interactive does not make up a story to appeal to your audience. Rather, we tap into the heart of your business to create a personal, engaging narrative for consumers to appreciate: why your business exists, what your mission is, how you accomplish your mission through your products and services, and how your business has helped people in their everyday lives.