Why Your Business Needs a Local Citation Builder

What's the Purpose of Local Citations?

Understand what local citations are and how they can help grow your business online through an effective SEO strategy.

Link acquisition and link building efforts are well known, and very beneficial to online businesses for many reasons. First, they improve search engine rankings by increasing domain authority, eventually positioning the website higher in a search. Link building also increases referral traffic, creating another path for visitors to enter your website. It helps businesses to build relationships, creates brand awareness, and gain a competitive edge in their industry.

Some businesses make the mistake of paying for a one-stop-shop of local citation services that promise to put their client’s websites on thousands of major directories. While this may sound easy and appealing, the search engine optimization experts at Tandem’s Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency know this is bad business. Trust us.


Here’s why you should hire a local citation builder, like Tandem Interactive, rather than using an automatic software or service:

Citation services submit your websites to very invaluable websites.

The entire theory behind link acquisition and citation building is to get your website listed on valuable, high domain authority sites. Citation services notoriously link their clients to tons of low quality websites, which ultimately lowers the rank of your website. Why would anyone pay for that?

Your website’s citations max out efficiency once they’ve reached 80-100 links.

There’s no use in spamming the internet with your website. SEO experts say the usage of your links max out at around 80-100, and after that you’re no longer helping your website. So why keep paying for more?

Local citation builders hold your listings hostage.

Sure, you can pay a service to add your company to many directories and web pages, but have you ever considered what happens once you stop paying? You guessed it: All your listings disappear. Citation services essentially hold your listings for ransom, requiring a repeated payment or complete elimination of all the work you already paid for. With Tandem Interactive’s link building services, your links are totally yours, forever.

Local citation services do don’t do the dirty work.

An important part of maintaining your web credibility is doing periodic clean-ups of your listings. This means verification of correct information on all listings, and removal of old or outdated listings. A digital marketing agency dedicates time to cleaning up your current listings before submitting you to more pages. Automated services do not.

Automated services lead to a mass spread of inconsistencies.

As previously mentioned, Tandem Interactive’s team ensures your business is listed correctly on every single website it appears on. An automated service can use wrong information and continuously spread it through thousands of sites (kind of like the flu) misleading your clients and potentially losing business.

Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency uses SEO experts to ensure your website health is being regularly maintained, as well as your listings. For quality link building for your business, call us today.