Video Social Media Management Tips for 2017

The word is out on social media management in 2018, and the word is that video will reign supreme. Video is taking center stage, and the biggest social media companies and SEO firms are taking notice. The evidence is in the new Facebook Live feature, the “trending now” feature on YouTube, and the story publisher on Instagram. The problem is that social media for small business strategies may rely too heavily on text.

If you are a small business owner, you may not think that you have time to create short video content through your social media management. This may very well leave you in the dust. Tandem Interactive has a few tips to ensure that you start off your social media management strategy the right way next year.

  • Quantity Over Quality – Word has it that YouTube is placing more emphasis on “watched minutes” and “frequency of uploads” more than ever. Social media videos for small businesses should be focused on releasing long videos more frequently. Small business owners may worry about quality, but rest assured that the only way to remain relevant on YouTube in the coming months is to create more video content. Enlist the help of a social media management company to create your videos, if need be, or simply start by creating behind the scene videos more often.
  • “We’ll do it live!” – The infamous words of Bill O’Reilly are more poignant than ever. Facebook Live and Instagram are pushing the use of live video streaming. Social media for small business should focus on using the platform to engage consumers or industry specialists while the technology is still fresh and fun.
  • Grab Attention Early – The key to any successful video campaign and social media management strategy is to grab the user’s attention early. If you can’t plan everything, be sure to at least plan the first 10 seconds of your video carefully. Be sure to choose your words wisely and pay attention to how you look and the background of your video. Remember that visuals are key. Users will see everything in the frame instantly, and decide to stay based on that alone in the first few seconds. Then, use your message to entrance them.

For more social media for small business tips, visit the Tandem Interactive blog. Happy filming in 2018!